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Did you know (2017)…?

Welcome to the section “Did you know (2017)“. Nowadays, billions of images inspire us through social networks. Meditatewithfernando is not going to be less, and for this reason, the section “Did you know 2017” is here. Make sure you visit this page often since I’m updating it little by little. You will find many of these images in the different blog entries, but you have a complete compilation on this page.

Firstly, I invite you first to observe the image and its message. Secondly, I invite you to focus on how you can apply these messages of all life. Many of these messages may have nothing to do with your life (but if not, I invite you to share that will help others). However, I am sure that there are some in the other years if there is not any on this page (2016, 2018, 2019, 20202021.) Finally, I share a small explanation.

We all like these, and the did you know from 2017 is here.

As you give a few minutes of introspection to each of these images, you may realize that perhaps you went through something previously. So, I hope you enjoy them!

Quartzs bring healing light.

These are very powerful healers because they transmute the lousy energy into positive. They are great for energetic cleansings and protection.

Meditation can take you very far.

Through meditation, you can have a mindblowing transcendental experience. You can reach very far and discover a lot about yourself and your very own life.

More chakras beyond the crown.

The next set of chakras consists of four extremely powerful chakras. We have further sets of chakras as we go higher through the dimensions. (Did you know 2017)

Astral Project from a Lucid Dream using a building.

It is as simple as falling on your back from a considerable height (in a dream!), and while on free-fall, visualize yourself getting out from your body and visualize the Astral Plane.

You are smiling now!

Any excuse is excellent to smile a little more. We all need more smiling, and there are many, many reasons to smile if you look sharp!

Navel chakra brings success.

Once your navel chakra is expanded, you will experience constant growth at a professional level; you will attract more and better. Your intimate life will also be enhanced. (Did you know 2017)

There is more beyond what we see (Did you know 2017)

A healthy throat chakra brings more attention to your voice.

Your voice will vibrate stronger and with more determination, thus bringing the attention towards you from those surrounding you.

We choose after death.

Just evoke the law of the free will and visualize your desire what serves your highest purpose. You will only find progress!

Root chakra connects you to life.

The root chakra connects with the Earth. Our physical bodies nurture from this energy, so having a stronger root chakra, will save you on coffees! (Did you know 2017)

Everything has a frequency in the Universe.

Everything is energy. All Energy has a specific frequency or vibration. These frequencies can be used for healing.

Silence brings a lot to your life.

We will have a direct line with our minds and subconsciousness. It is amazing!

Babies have long dreams and REM phases.

Babies usually dream about the events of the day as well, plenty of astral projections since the soul is still getting used to a physical body. (Did you know 2017)

Consciousness only keeps on growing. (Did you know 2017)

You can jump to the astral from a dream!

It is as easy as climbing to a high place and fall on your back… visualize yourself in your astral body. You will be surprised!

In a dream, you can go to incredible places.

You can pretty much program your dreams through “Dream Incubation.” You can find out more about my Lucid Dreaming Course.

Find your way to freedom self-cleansing.

Take advantage to heal and take the hardest challenges, and you will accomplish. (Did you know 2017)

Small changes bring big transformations.

Some of these can happen in seconds, and sometimes all you need for change is a realization.

Break monotony and bring changes to your life.,

You will find that time for those things that you reply with: “I don’t have time.”

The ego can also protect you.

Ego triggers “Flight or Fight,” and this is our most primeval mechanism of self-defense. (Did you know 2017)

Thanks to the “(Did you know 2017),” you may share inspirational images.

Horses drink dozens of gallos of water a day.

And they can go up to eight gallons in hot places.

Cleanse as much as you can when it becomes difficult.

Take advantage to heal even during the hardest times, as it is when you cleanse the most!

Clairalience can overpower regular senses.

Psychic senses are usually much stronger than physical senses. (Did you know 2017)

Open readings are powerful.

The messages that are delivered in an open reading come straight from Spirit Guides, etc. , directing you firmly towards your path.

A challenge might be a blessing.

Spiritual awakening and progress is the only goal for your Higherself, no matter what.

The tarot is very straightforward.

It may be extraordinarily ruthless and cold, but the Tarot always goes to the point. (Did you know 2017)

Did you know that during 2017, there was a massive awakening?

Your shadow side is a part of you.

Some of our most profound traumas could be within the shadow, reading it, and working on the issue will heal it.

Everything is existence is within the Akasha.

Everything that exists has an entry in the Akashic Records, including the actual Akashic Records themselves.

No need for spiritual labels.

People just went to see the psychic, that’s it. Like when someone just went to the dentist. (Did you know 2017)

Clairs may spike in a moment of need.

This way, it will help us focus; since we will pick up, it is an important message.

You can zoom in during your visions if you control them enough.

If we observe something that brings our interest (during a vision) and we ask for detail, we can get very precise and mind blowing information.

Crown Chakra bring amazing stuff.

Our Crown Chakra can connect with other dimensions and bring information from them. (Did you know 2017)

Inspire and share (Did you know 2017)

Reading helps succeed in life, promotes communication.

Illiterate people will be intimidated if they need to sign something and can’t read it. Individuals who can read most of the time will assume.

Premonitions are very powerful.

Our whole reality can shift when a strong premonition comes, disconnecting you entirely from your reality.

Animals are empaths.

Animals have no ego, their potential to feel, and their sensing is much higher than humans. (Did you know 2017)

You can read emotions from auras.

As well as many other feelings and even reactions. Reading auras gives us massive head starts in life.

Our spirit guides are here.

Our guides are bound to free will, but when we ask them directly if they can do certain things for us, our lives change! (Did you know 2017)

And little by little, more did you know images will appear. Although I also recommend reading the blog. These images have to do with the topic of the entrance of that week.

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