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Did you know (2016)…?

Welcome to the section “Did you know (2016)“. Nowadays, billions of images inspire us through social networks. Meditatewithfernando is not going to be less, and for this reason, the section “Did you know 2016” is here. Make sure you visit this page often since I’m updating it little by little. You will find many of these images in the different blog entries, but you have a complete compilation on this page.

Firstly, I invite you first to observe the image and its message. Secondly, I invite you to focus on how you can apply these messages of all life. Many of these messages may have nothing to do with your life (but if not, I invite you to share that will help others). However, I am sure that there are some in the other years if there is not any on this page (2017, 2018, 2019. 20202021.) Finally, I share a small explanation.

We all like these, and the did you know from 2016 is here.

As you give a few minutes of introspection to each of these images, you may realize that perhaps you went through something previously. So, I hope you enjoy them!

We indeed choose our parents.

It may be because we had great past lives together, or there is a specific lesson to learn, or something must happen that we have particular parents.

A karmic connection can be very positive.

We may, out of the blue, experience a strong attraction towards someone, or maybe a deep trust in that person. This is because both of your souls remember each other from positive past life experiences together.

Empower your connection with Spirit with an open heart chakra.

With an open heart chakra, we raise our vibrations. Therefore, it is easier for beings of light to connect with us. (Did you know 2016)

New soul connections can be very power.

There is nothing written from the past, nor right, nor wrong. You both indeed will control your destiny as a couple.

Cats are powerful healers.

Cats are susceptible, especially psychic cats. The can will perceive and warn of any energetic disruptions, same a dog would if there is a physical disturbance.

There is more beyond what we see (Did you know 2016)

When you visualize you materialize.

Like attracts like, always! Make sure to think positive! (Did you know 2016)

Chakras empower life.

When all our chakras are open and healthy, we move forward in huge steps!

Great ideas happen instantaneously.

The best ideas come and go. If we learn to share quality time with your minds, we can reach far.

Channeling brings knowledge.

You can receive fantastic information from higher beings of light when you channel them. (Did you know 2016)

Meditation brings life.

While in meditation, or body’s self-healing capabilities are enhanced. It proves through an MRI scan and other scientific research.

Consciousness only keeps on growing. (Did you know 2016)

When you manifest, you materialize.

Like attracts like, plain and simple. If we raise our vibrations, we will receive abundance. Therefore, there will be no need to ask for it, but to be grateful for it.

Gratitude materializes abundance.

We need to be grateful for every little thing in life. This will raise our overall mood, quality of life while attracting more abundance. Thank You! (Did you know 2016)

Learn channeling.

Our Third Eye rules our dreams. When our Third Eye is open, if we watch our dreams, we will find that they are much more profound and clear.

La Geometría sagrada está presente.

From a small fruit to a shell to an entire galaxy. It is all one, and we are all the same.

Thanks to the “(Did you know 2016),” you may share inspirational images.

The crystal will desire to go with you, or not.

Crystals do have their awareness and purpose. The crystal will know better if his/her energy can assist you in your endeavors. (Did you know 2016)

Forehead kisses are very personal.

It can be very intimate too. A lot of energy is exchanged when the forehead is kissed.

Allow yourself to have and receive.

Do allow the blessings of the universe to bathe you, this way you will be able to attract more abundance.

Walk barefoot on the beach or grass and ground.

We have chakras on the sole of our feet, and our energy greatly can benefit from them. (Did you know 2016)

And little by little, more did you know images will appear. Although I also recommend reading the blog. These images have to do with the topic of the entrance of that week.

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