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Understanding the Tarot

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Tarot: Learn to read the cards and understand their symbology.

The Tarot is much simpler than you think. This course is straightforward, easy, and pleasant to understand. Through the course, you will learn the symbolism of the Tarot. As the years went by, it is a lot more complicated, but you will understand that the tarot is much simpler than it seems. Therefore, if you complete this course, you will have a good base. Besides, you will realize that you can read any deck of the Tarot.

If you are more of a listener, here is the video that explains all. Otherwise, continue reading!

You can always read if you prefer than listening:

I like to invite you to read over this blog entry regarding spirituality, astral projection, lucid dreamingand more. Therefore, you will be able to set a stronger spiritual foundation.

The tarot cards have been around for a long time, and therefore, they bring a lot of wisdom. But, do you want to access it? Do you want to use it to help someone?

If you have answered yes, then this course is definitely for you!

In this course, you will get a reasonable basis on the tarot cards, your intuition, and how to combine the two to provide unusual readings. After a few classes of foundations, I will share the symbolism of the cards themselves so that you will learn to connect that symbolism with your intuition and personal interpretation. You will not need to memorize everything that I am saying, you will only need an open mind, and you will allow the information to mix with your knowledge.

You, too, can learn how to interpret Tarot cards.

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At the end of the page, you will also find some entries that explain more about the Tarot. While you are exploring each of the cards, I will share additional tips and lessons to become much more enjoyable and entertaining! Basically, it is the best way to learn, especially when talking about the Tarot. There will come a time that you become so familiar with the tarot that you will read standard playing cards.

The easiest way to learn the cards ever!

You can find the entire content (over 8 hours worth of video):

  1. Understanding the Tarot.
  2. I’m a Tarot deck, but firstly: Do you want me to go with you?
  3. Read the cards, not the booklet. Use your third eye! Besides, it will be easier for you!
  4. Do you specific tarot spreads? You do not need them! After all, the messages come from the cards.
  5. Tarot data: First Symbolism. Second, the engine: Intuition.
  6. Introduction to the Major Arcana.
  7. Twenty-two lessons. One for each card, therefore, lots of detail.
  8. Introduction to Minor Arcana
  9. Fifty-six lessons. One for each card.
  10. Conclusion, advice, and advice!

As time goes, new bonus classes arrive (Courses Expand)

With the right usage of this course, you will be able to understand how the tarot goes. Therefore, you will be able to read any card. But do not worry. Take your time and go at your own pace. Therefore, please do not feel rushed to finish the course because you will not take advantage of it. Besides, access to the course for life, so there is no hurry!

Grab your copy!

What is clear is that you will learn a lot if you put in the effort. Moreover, you will be surprised at your progress!

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