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Lucid Dream: Begin experiencing amazing dreams fully conscious.

Master Lucid Dreaming

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Lucid Dream: It is time to experience one and transform your dreams!

Finally, I can present the course to induce a lucid dream! I have been dreaming all my life lucidly; after doing proper research and studies over the years, I have decided to prepare this course so that you can induce lucid dreams at your own will. It’s my first course, made with presentations. However, you’ll see my face in the bonus classes as I’m taking out! You are going to have a blast. Therefore, keep on reading!

If you are more of a listener, here are a couple of videos that explain all. Otherwise, continue reading!

You can always read if you prefer than listening:

I like to invite you to read over this blog entry regarding spirituality, astral projection, lucid dreamingand more. You will be able to set a stronger spiritual foundation.

Do you want to master your dreams and learn to control them? Do you want to remember your dreams better?

If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, this course is for you. 

For years, I have been teaching lucid dreaming at prestigious Lucid Dreaming sites. I have also held workshops and retreats to help others reach the deepest levels of lucidity. Over a thousand students have already entered the dream plane consciously. After this course, you will be able to breathe underwater, fire your boss, travel to space, and even solve your issues, all at the Dream Plane, always entirely lucid and aware of an excellent recall of the event. You will accomplish your deepest fantasies! I have been Lucid Dreaming my entire life, and after additional years of study and research, and I have decided to create this course so you can induce lucid dreams at will. This way, you will know how to trigger a lucid dream and use this fantastic skill for your self-growth, exploration, or just for fun!

What benefits can a lucid dream bring?

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A course that will guide you step by step to induce a lucid dream. No matter what level you have, even if you do not remember your dreams, you can learn. As this was my first course, I did it with presentations. However, in this course, there is evidence that they are gradually growing. You can see my face and much more in some of the classes. All these are new bonuses, many of them suggested by the students.

These are some of the things you will find in this course:

  • Inducing lucid dreams whenever you want also improves your memory of dreams.
  • Very vivid dreams will be present, which in the end, is one of the best aspects.
  • Learn to relax your body and mind, although you do not need to control your mind to have a lucid dream.
  • You will create a dream journal that will be a pass to read, mainly because you will learn to master and control your dreams and actions.

Lucid dreams will make your sleeping hours super interesting!

In addition to fun, you will bring wisdom to your life. You will learn that you can use lucid dreams for self-growth, solve problems, and even get messages directly from your subconscious. A lucid dream occurs in your mind; therefore, you can discover much more about yourself. Athletes, poets, composers, surgeons have used and used lucid dreams to help themselves in their careers (you can find them in numerous books of lucid dreams.)

You will have a lucid dream tonight!

You can find below all the content (to all this, more than two hours of videos and exercises):

Topic 1: What is a Lucid Dream? (LD)

  1. Who can have a lucid dream?
  2. Religion? No problem! Therefore, keep going!
  3. Dangers? None! And you will see why. It is all about fun overall.
  4. Small joint practice.

Topic 2: Benefits of Lucid Dreams.

  1. Firstly, short-term afterglow. Secondly, more afterglow!
  2. Healing of recurring nightmares.
  3. Small joint practice.

Topic 3: Why is it essential to remember dreams?

  1. Use of keywords.
  2. The use of reference points.
  3. Activate your memory during sleep.
  4. Small joint practice.
  5. Homework.

Topic 4: A Dream Diary is essential; therefore, you must get one.

  1. Introduction.
  2. Different types of dream journals. Besides, their pluses and minuses.
  3. Sleep-wake transition Firstly, you must understand this.
  4. Importance of Serotonin. In addition to your care.
  5. Hurry or not hurry, that’s the question!
  6. Transcript of your dream diary. Finally, the phase we all want to reach.
  7. Small joint practice-
  8. Homework.

Topic 5: Induction of a lucid dream following an ordinary dream. (DILD)

  1. Incubation of dreams. Contrary to other techniques, you will focus on the day.
  2. Understand why it is essential to be present; additionally, get on it.
  3. Realization of reality controls. (Reality Check)
  4. What is usually essential to do and not do before going to bed.
  5. Small joint practice.
  6. Homework.

Topic 6: Mnemonic Induction of a Lucid Dream (MILD)

  1. Creating a lifestyle involving lucid dreams. In addition to continuing to enjoy your life, you will do it from your dreams.
  2. Creation of reasonable goals. Why is it essential that we first take this into account? Therefore, you can set the right goals.
  3. Firstly, learn a powerful mantra. Secondly, use it, and also, it is very positive.
  4. Small joint practice.
  5. Homework.

Topic 7: Induction of a lucid dream from wakefulness. (WILD)

  1. First, a sleeping body and then an awakened mind.
  2. Learn how to silence the mind. A great exercise that I recommend using frequently.
  3. Understand how to relax the body unquestionably. Another great exercise logically to follow.
  4. Reach stage hypnagogia (REM Atonia), besides understanding it.
  5. You are arriving at the vibration stage. Consequently, if you reach here, in the end, you will end up inducing it.
  6. Fork! Lucid Dreams – Astral Journeys. Equally an awesome experience. Which path will you take first?
  7. Induction of a Lucid Dream using Electronic Assistance (EILD). Use of Brain Waves, in addition to others.
  8. Small joint practice.
  9. Homework.

Topic 8: Induction of a lucid dream through the exit of a previous dream (DEILD)

  1. Learn to prolong and improve the quality of your Lucid Dreams; therefore, you will develop better.
  2. Using my great infallible technique (L-DEILD), and you will see that it does not fail. Secondly, you will see it by yourself when you apply it.
  3. Chaining dreams. When is it too much? In addition to losing details.
  4. Small joint practice.
  5. Homework.

Topic 9: Getting up to go back to bed. (WBTB) A support method for other induction systems.

  1. What to do during WBTB? It certainly helps a lot more than it seems.
  2. The alarm clock, the gentle alarm clock, and the natural awakening. What happens if you use one of these?
  3. Discover other external aid for WBTB, in addition to some councils.
  4. Small joint practice.
  5. Homework.

Topic 10: Control of Lucid Dreams.

  1. Flight.
  2. Telekinesis
  3. Tele-transport.
  4. Control the Elements.
  5. Invocation.
  6. Traveling through time.
  7. Space travel.
  8. Sex.

Topic 11: Create your Dream World.

  1. Learn to create your dream world. For fun, hence. Something extra and great that you can do.
  2. Visit and develop your dream world, as well as enjoy it, of course!

Topic 12: The final frontier. Sharing dreams

  1. Find me in the Crystal Caves! As they are?
  2. I am meeting other oneironauts. Later, you can do it.

Topic 13: Challenges of Lucid Dreams.

  1. Learn to challenge yourself rather than slacking!
  2. Tasks for essential lucid dreams.
  3. Advanced
  4. Expert.
  5. Ultimate.
  6. Small joint task.

Topic 14: (Extra – Optional – TBA)

The transcendental experiences, although it is also called Astral Projection. Firstly, discover how to get out of your body. Secondly, you discover that you can visit other worlds. That’s why it’s a wonderful skill. Besides, you will learn things like connecting with your guides, for example. Subsequently, you will discover the super-conscience.

As time goes, new bonus classes arrive (Courses Expand)

It is possible that by the mere fact of becoming aware of the lucid dream phenomena, you already have a lucid dream, and eventually, you will have it for sure. But do not worry. Take your time and go at your own pace. Therefore, please do not feel rushed to finish the course because you will not take advantage of it. Besides, access to the course for life, so there is no hurry!

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