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Spiritual Courses for proper development.

Welcome to the spiritual courses! You will discover that these courses are going to help you develop spiritually. Therefore, if you are looking for spiritual expansion, I am sure that some of these courses will help you. If you’re not the reader type, you can see the old one (Attention! It’s from 2016!). Or even if you prefer to jump directly to the available courses, you can click here.

Spiritual courses that will help you open many doors in your spirituality; consequently, learning is assured. All these courses (except for Reiki), are on video. All these courses have unlimited access. That is, you will only have to buy them once, and you will have them permanently. These spiritual courses are expanding. Little by little, new bonus classes are coming out, so these courses will always have fresh content!

Spiritual courses help us discover and expand gifts.

The consciousness of this planet is expanding, and this affects us all. We are in times of many spiritual awakenings, in addition to expanding our consciences. If you think you have gifts, you perceive things outside of this plane, or you know things because, yes, you may have gifts. And it’s not all about gifts, since some of these courses, such as astral travel, lucid dreams, Reiki and a few others, will teach you and give you new skills.

Do you want to know me more as a teacher? Well, since I want you to be sure about the purchase you are going to make, I want to make you a welcome gift! A free meditation, 13 minutes where you can check everything I’m telling. Besides, in all these courses you will see the first free classes, without having to access the full course.

It is a short meditation to attract balance and healing to the Chakras. He also has Theta brain waves for more profound relaxation and subliminal messages such as: “I am light,” “My Chakras are in balance,” “I have health and happiness,” … Experience the first meditation for free now, and you will also subscribe to my newsletter of news, and you will be aware of all the news. Having the chakras in balance helps a lot with your development when you work with spiritual courses.


You can know the characteristics of each course by clicking on each image and access the full information. If you have any questions, you can write to me, and I will be happy to answer you.

See you in class!

I invite you to take a look that way you can decide which course to start. Some people do them all (thanks!), So I’m sure you can learn a lot, and also develop.

Lucid dreaming course. Heal your recurring nightmares.
success course
astral projection
Understanding the Tarot
learn to channel

2019 News:

If you have any questions or want to contact me, you have to fill in the following form. These spiritual courses continue to grow, and even new courses will be appearing, so if you would like to see one, you can tell me. Also, maybe it’s something with the potential to help a lot.

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