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twin flame

What twinflame means?

A widely asked question nowadays!

Hello Hello! Well, here I am with a new blog post. In the article of karmic connections (you can read here) I came up with the idea to talk about twin flames, as these topics have a lot to do with each other. Also, this is Valentine’s week, and this seems to be the top topic. Twin flames, sublime love, all is great, right? Well, let’s say that the purposes of the twin flames are always necessary (that’s why they are rare) but there isn’t still a love connection, in fact, sometimes there should be no love for the purpose to be fulfilled. And so… why did we just talk about this in Valentine’s week? I had not planned it, in fact, I already had other topics in my mind, but the dates have fitted so easily. Mere coincidence? Everything happens for a reason, and the coincidences do not exist, but I assure you that I had not planned for it to fall on this date. In fact, this is the week I launched The Love Meditation, which was expected.

Therefore, today we are going to talk about the twin flames and the twin souls. I will also talk about how it can impact love when two souls that have never met connect for the first time in their existence.

Two souls that have never met.

This is the connection with more facility to be able to “write” its future because these two souls have never connected, then, they do not have any karma or lesson to learn together. There are no negative influences from past lives. The biggest problem is that there is no positive energy either and it makes this relationship a blank canvas where both members of the couple will decide the result. Generally, in this society, a type of connection like this can be complicated because issues like ego, pride, fear, lack of communication and other problems can damage a relationship. However, let’s say that two people, spiritually awake, with mutual and absolute respect, healthy chakras and good communication, can have a loving relationship with an incredible passion. There is nothing of the past that can be interposed in a perfect relationship … so really this is the connection “with more risk” but “with the highest chances of winning.”


The Soulmates.

It is, perhaps, the most used label for the topic of love relationships. This label has been abused and overrated. I will share my point of view to explain to you when a connection is with soulmates. If souls are soulmates, the love connection can be fantastic, since past life connections have been good. I claim that two souls are soumates if:

  • Many past lives have been shared, of which, most (if not all) were good.
  • They do not have any karmic problem.
  • They have a similar soul age (number of past lives lived).
  • They have a very close personal and usually good chemistry.

When all this is fulfilled, it can be said that two souls are soulmates because they have shared many experiences together throughout their existences. However, I want to break a massive myth that all it does is hurt. Twin souls are not always predestined to love. In most cases, it is, but not at all. Let’s say you can be the soul mate of several people as we have many soul mates. The English name “soulmate” makes a lot more sense since the literal translation is “fellow soul” and fits better with what soulmates are. As I said, we have multiple soul mates that can be men, women, relatives, friends, souls residing on the astral plane with which we have previously connected and even pets. I’m sure you do not think twin souls always end up as a couple now!

The Twin Flames.

This is the most powerful connection that can exist (remember, the relationship does not mean love, friendship, or anything other than “connection”). It is true; I will not deny it. After all, your twin of flame is “the other half” of your soul. But before you begin to think strange things, I will try to explain the latter.

Imagine a Soul that comes from the Source of Light, God, … or whatever you want to call it and automatically separates into two individual souls. The real purpose of this is that both souls take different paths and this way, get more experiences.

From time to time (many lives, I could not say how many) these souls come together either in a physical life (for example, here on earth), or on the astral plane (on higher planes, not on the physical plane), with the purpose of sharing information about the numerous past lives they have had. As humans, if we physically or “astrally” connect with our twin flame, we will not notice. You only have one and, chances are, it’s in another galaxy …

Now that you know precisely what a twin flame is, I will tell you that you are not always predisposed to a love connection. It is true that if two twin flames meet physically, they have a purpose together. Perhaps it is love, but it is not so in every case.

And in the case of a love connection, ego, fear, and envy can also bring the worst drama that you can imagine. Therefore, twin flames are not predisposed to love, nor to perfect love. I have known many cases where the purposes of the twin flames are different. Sometimes there is a love connection, but most times it was just a profound connection. I have seen intentions as a lesson in life, a test of the universe, a project or work together or only, a deep friendship distant from love and sex.

If there is love with your twin flame, it is not guaranteed that you will experience absolute love. It is possible that your twin flame is much younger or older than you, or even, the same sex without being gay.

Do you want to check more interesting stuff? Head to the resources section to discover more!

Well, we have reached the end! The most natural thing is that you stop labeling every connection that you have and do not complicate them. Is not essential that the love of your life is your soulmate, twin flame, someone you never connected with or an ordinary connection.  Focus on the here and now and on the person you love. Do your best to make that person happy and make sure that person does the same with you. It is all you need! Next week we will talk about the Crown Chakra, the key that opens the door to the Spirit Realm. Stay tuned!


Much Love & Light.

Lots of blessings and abundance your way!

Rev. Fernando Albert

thank you


  1. Shane Lim says:

    Thank you for this article to make clear about most myths on romantic relationship. I met my twin flame, that was a horrible and the most traumatic love experience I had in my life.

    • I am sorry about that and thank you for sharing. On the slight chance of meeting a twinflame (which still happens as your case) and going romantic, does not guarantee the ultimate love. Is in fact, the deception of that believe what could make people believe they had to move on from their marriage to go to their twin. Major mistakes could be done just for a label. Many blessings for you 🙂

      • Shane Lim says:

        Thank you! 🙂
        Actually, that had been warned by my spirit guide : ‘Don’t go forward, she will hurt you.’. Too bad I thought that was my ego speaking at that time.

  2. kundalini reiki says:

    Hi there, I enjoy reading all of your article post.
    I wanted to write a little comment to support you.

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