Upper World Restoration

Upper World Restoration



Upper World Restoration Session: Tackle the challenge from the source.

The Upper World Restoration is a unique, powerful, and different healing session. This is not a regular healing session where I will channel the Divine Light of Source. Instead, I will journey to the Shamanic Upper World and search for help to send energy to provide aid to your challenges.

I will travel close to you through the Upper World during this trip. Once I reach where I am supposed to be, I will start to transfer the energy. This is done thanks to the help of our Mother Earth, as this power runs on her, not on Spirit. For this reason, you must have clear intentions about what you need. It counts like the Physical Plane.

I explain everything in this video:

Find the support you need through an Upper World Restoration Session.

While the ideal is in person, my guides (one is especially experienced in this subject) taught me that distance is not a limit. I have already made numerous shamanic journeys where I have observed its effectiveness. A restoration session from the Upper World will help you.

I will explain to you by e-mail if you have any doubts, but I will share them with you here also:

  • First, we get in touch. Once you send me a message, I will answer you in less than 48 hours.
  • Once we find the date and time, we will wait for that moment. It is also time to book the session. I will do this session at my convenient time, within 24-48 hours. You need to be aware, but we do not need to synchronize it.
A couple of notes:
  • Ideally, this session aims for more complicated situations at a health level especially, but also as support to other sessions is ideal.
  • “The drums” will not let me know until half an hour passes; therefore, I intend to return when the drums call me back.

Please find out more about the Lower World right here.

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Experience an Upper World Restoration and feel better.