The Healing

The Healing: No labels, only White Light.

Don’t complicate yourself with labels. Experience The Healing. No complications, only energy. A treatment feels like a wonderful white light flowing around you. Energetic betterment will bring optimal balance to your body, emotions, mind, and spirit. The feelings of tranquility and inner peace are always present. Finding the sentimental sources that cause physical pain usually eliminates pain completely. Improving balance in your life enhances focus, well-being, and happiness.

Why is the healing so inexpensive?

As a healer, I believe that healing should be within reach of everybody. Over the years, people suggested to me a dozen times to raise the charges for these sessions. Furthermore, I know these prices usually reside around a hundred or two. However, I honestly believe it is too much when channeling White Light; for that reason, prices are meager. You are mainly purchasing for the time to record the voice file report!

I will share with you how it went:

Furthermore, in all healings, I will send a voice file. I will share how the session has gone and if there is any necessary advice.

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