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The Journeys: Discover yourself and the world that surrounds you.

the journeys

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The Journeys: Perceive and discover more.

You have discovered The Journeys, a group of powerful guided meditations that will change your life. You will find that each month, you will have a new journey available. Since starting today, February 20, 2019, we will have at least a total of twelve meditations, possibly more. Therefore, be sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter. You can do it by clicking here (and when you do, you will receive a free guided meditation, as a welcome gift). In this way, you can try one of my meditations before embarking with The Journeys. Because I can tell you that once you start, you will want to try them all.

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Before we start, maybe you know nothing about meditation or spirituality. If you want to learn more about these, I have an article about spirituality, meditation, astral projection, and more than I am sure you will enjoy. It has many things to include in your life! It’s impressive that with small changes, we can attract great results. That is one of the reasons that inspired me to create, “The Journeys.” Maybe they have all released already, perhaps not. It depends on when you are reading this, but you will discover that as a new journey/meditation comes out, you will have the possibility of enhancing something.

Now, I am editing this about five months later and yet, are new ones to come!

The Journeys: In detail.

These meditations will bring significant changes to your life and will also help you to perceive the world with more wisdom. When talking about a guided meditation, the best way is to try it, but hey, that’s what a free meditation is for, right? Maybe you do not feel like signing up for the bulletin for now and get your free meditation. No problem, you can listen to my voice in meditation mode in this mini-video:

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I’ll give you the general details of these meditations since they’re all going to have some little things in common. Then you will find each of the journeys/meditations available with your description. (In addition to having each your blog post!) So you know what each of them is. But now, some general points for all of them:

  • In the beginning, there will be 2 minutes only with background music. Now, you can get comfortable before the meditation begins. After two minutes, you will be notified that the meditation is about to start.
  • It is powered with superior sound quality, adding healing frequencies of 438 and 528 Hz.
  • They include theta brain waves, at the subliminal level, but audible with powerful equipment. These waves put our brain in a state of regeneration and healing, like when we are in a phase of deep sleep.
  • They include Reiki healing light, to attract more healing.
  • The duration is always 20 minutes, plus the initial 2 minutes for you to prepare.
  • They are simple meditations for everyone; whether you are a beginner or expert, you will get benefits.

Each meditation will have different goals, and really, each one is unique. You will find that many of these meditations will cover your needs. Others will awaken new curiosities in you. Others will help you travel, in a way you may never have imagined. The most important thing is to let yourself be carried away by meditation.

Available journeys

Below, here are the journeys available:

Getting to know yourself.

get to know yourself

A powerful guided journey (you can read more here) where you will experience a reconnection with your physical body to attract well-being. You will also begin to understand a little more your thoughts and conscience. This meditation also focuses on your energy and spirit, where you can attract a lot of abundance and healing. Interesting read: How to get to know yourself.

This meditation is ideal if you are struggling or if you need empowerment. It does not matter if it is physical, mental, or spiritual. When your body, mind, and spirit are in sync, you start to enjoy much more of life and get more out of everything.

Empower your living areas.

empower your living areas

Meditation of “The Journeys” that will help you to find much more of yourself (you can read more here). We all have areas in our life that we want to improve. This meditation will help you to detect those problems, to understand them, and to solve them. Potentiating different aspects of your energy and person. Besides, you will be able to visualize during this experience the fact of feeling good, successfully, and attracting it into your life.

As you amplify different areas of your life, you will feel more secure in this life. Therefore, you can count on a progressive process as you use this journey. You will have a much broader result as a result of your efforts. 

Relieve stress and find inner peace.

Relieve stress now

Meditation of “The Journeys” that will allow you to find stress relief and inner peace (you can read more here). We live in a very fast-paced society, and we go non-stop. Hence forgetting we are living creatures and overdoing much more than we are aware of. With this journey, you are going to be able to let go of everything, to be in a state of complete relaxation and freedom. It is like all the problems will go away just like that.

As you relieve stress, you can enjoy more pleasant times. You want to avoid to lose to enjoy a good movie because you are stressed for something that is coming up. Sometimes it is inevitable to stop the racing mind, Life is overwhelming, especially if you allow it. So don’t!

Self-realization and manifestation.

A Meditation of “The Journeys” that will allow you to find more about yourself: empowering your self-appreciation, your self-worth, and much more (you can read more here). With this guided meditation, you will be able to discover that you have inner traits and potentials. You will find you have more essential tools in life.

Once you start realizing there is much more in you than you initially thought, your life will change. It will be easier for you to be a winner. Because to be a winner, you only need to know your potential and bring it forward. We all have our talents. Thanks to them, you also will be able to materialize your desires with more ease, (Go to the purchase button.)

Reach self realization and manifest.

General life success.

It is a meditation to materialize success in life. Any time is good to start a transformation. This meditation will help you see that you can also realize your desires in your life. It is simple to do and you will rejoice the soul. You will rejoice and materialize.

Now, it is as simple as to find a desire, focus on it, place it within your heart and follow the guided meditation.

Materialize Life Success.

Meet your soul.

Do you know what is the soul? Didn’t you realize it’s you? This journey will help you to investigate more about the true essence of you. We are souls having a human experience, and you will find a deeper understanding about it in this powerful guided journey meditation.

Now, it is as simple as to find a desire, focus on it, place it within your heart and follow the guided meditation.

The journeys: Meet your soul guided meditation.

Visit the Lower World.

Through a shamanic journey you can visit the Lower world. Here you can find healing, wisdom, and much more. It is a powerful journey with drumming (17” Elk skin), which vibrations resonate most with those of the lower world. I will be guided you to reach the Lower World.

Now, it is as simple as to find a desire, focus on it, place it within your heart and follow the guided meditation.

Visit the Lower World with "The Journeys."

Visit the Middle World.

Through a shamanic journey you can visit the Middle world. Here you day to day wisdom, human awareness, and more. It is a powerful journey with drumming (17” Elk skin), which vibrations resonate most during a shamanic journey experience. I will be guided you to reach the Middle World.

Now, it is as simple as to find a desire, focus on it, place it within your heart and follow the guided meditation. 

Visit the Middle World.

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