The Classics: Powerful, unique and mind-expanding.

The Classics.
The Classics.

Enjoy one of “The Classics” guided meditations. Here is where everything started. Hundreds, if not thousands, are already enjoying some of these powerful guided meditations since they are very efficient healing tools. My very first guided meditation is Space Travel, even though it wasn’t the first release here. However, “Space Travel” and its mindblowing results encouraged me to continue creating powerful meditations. These guided meditations have a few things in common:

  • Theta Brainwaves are included for more profound healing and relaxation; in fact, they are an essential part of The Classics.
  • All the meditations have a small pre-introduction of two minutes for you to prepare.
  • Subliminal positive affirmations. To start the healing right from your subconsciousness. Sooner or later, these will cement within your subconsciousness.
  • Healing light, infusing each one of these meditations, bringing even more healing.
  • Channeled scripts: Scripts inspired by Spirit.
  • Experience deep relaxation, as well as a beautiful journey while you accomplish the goals of each of these meditations.
  • Ingredients: Love, Light, Spirituality, Healing, and my voice, plus all the above. So far, empowering stuff!

Topics from “the classics” vary so that you can embark on a lot of different journeys. You can bring healing to your life. Empower your chakras, manifest something, connect with your Akashic Records, and even fill your heart up with gratitude; therefore, you will leave your life to the fullest.

When we refer to guided meditations, is it best to test them out. Make sure to subscribe so that you can get a free guided meditation. You may embark on the first free experience with my voice if you prefer!


Allow The Classics to take you deep.

Here below, you can find all “The Classics” guided meditations. You can click on the image to check them out and to grab your copy! If you want more than one guided meditation, you can contact me; I will be pleased to make you a package deal.

The Crossed Healing. The Classics: Chakra Healing Meditation. The Classics: Meditation higherself. The Classics: Lucid Dream Induction The Classics: The Little Meditations The Classics: Akashic Records Meditation. The Classics: Receive a Gift The Classics: The Soothing meditation. The Classics: Space Travel The Classics: Spirit Guides The Classics: Gratitude meditation to attract abundance. Love Meditation. Meditation for sleep.

A profound meditative experience is always part of the journey! Enjoy!

I wish you an excellent practice!

Many blessings! (Go back to meditations)

Fernando Albert.

thank you

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En Español:

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