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The Activation Series: Activating your Chakras.

The Chakra Activation Series

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The “Chakra Activation Series” is here.

The Chakra Activation Series is a set of relaxing guided meditations to expand the energy of your chakras to the highest of their capacity. However, it will require some effort. I recommended that you keep your chakras in a healthy state, balanced and open. You can find plenty of information about how to maintain a robust chakra system throughout this site. If you are still confused, I invite you to contact me, and I will try to lend you a hand. Because having a healthy chakra system is essential, you benefit from healing to receive it!

The Chakra Activation Series meditations are ENHANCED with higher sound quality and some with 432Hz frequencies, where deep healing occurs, therefore providing a profound experience.

There will be two minutes’ worth of quiet background music at the beginning. Now, you can get ready and comfy before the actual meditation starts. After two minutes, the file will notify you that the meditation is about to begin.

Before we begin, maybe you know nothing about meditation or spirituality. So firstly, if you want to learn more about these, I have an article. It is about spirituality, meditation, astral projection, and more. I am sure you will enjoy it because you will learn a lot, and you will grow in the end. Then again, you will raise your desire to meditate.

What is The Chakra Activation series?

You will find one guided meditation for each of the chakras. Therefore, you can choose which one to work on. These guided meditations last about ten-fifteen minutes each, and they pack a brief but powerful 1-2 minutes of relaxation time. While these meditations are for everyone, if you have yet to experience meditation, I recommend you to go with a different type of meditation. I invite you to check out the Chakra Healing guided meditation, clicking here.

If you are more of a listener, here is the video that explains all. Otherwise, continue reading!

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You can always read if you prefer than listening:

Are widely asked today… and that time has now arrived! Now you can start to activate your chakras and bring potential to your life, in addition to expanding all your living areas and, most importantly, expanding.

During an activation meditation, you will experience:

  • Quick cleansing. While the chakra you are working on should be healthy, there will be some cleansing at the beginning of the meditation. Therefore, you need to allow some cleansing to happen. Firstly, you will experience an energetic release. Help to be balanced against life.
  • Guided imagery journey. I will guide you in this journey so that you will be empowering the vibrations of the chakra you are working on, therefore, making it easier. You will find that each of these meditations is very different, bringing into your consciousness plenty of visualizations that contribute to expanding your chakra. Because of this, you will need to follow.
  • Bija Mantras. At some point in the meditation, you will be asked to chant a specific two-letter chant. The intention of this is to sufficiently bring the vibrations of your chakra to the maximum level possible. Hence getting the most. The subliminal includes the Baji Mantra. Therefore, you will be able to have a profound experience.
  • Subliminal empowerment. At a shallow volume (but audible), there will be some subliminal as in the other guided meditations. The subliminal will be: “My xxxx is open,” “Baji Chant for xxxx,” “My xxxx is empowered,” where “xxxx” is the chakra you are working on. Indeed, a powerful addition, and for this reason, I love adding them.

Some additional benefits that you will experience over time:

  • Healing. White light healing energy comes intending to bring wellness into your life and an expansion for the chakra you are working on. It will empower a lot more the actual activation. Probably the healing will make you feel better as well.
  • Expansion and seal. The meditation will wrap up with a brief visualization of your chakra expanded, as well as a seal to keep your chakra in this expanded state. From time to time, you may experience breakthroughs.

These Activation Series will open and expand your energy centers.

Firstly, these meditations aim to help you progress through your spiritual journey, therefore expanding your spirituality. These meditations alone will not complete your journey. Secondly, meditations are to give you a significant boost. Upgrading your car’s engine and coolant, you will have much more power, but you still need to drive the vehicle. These guided meditations are not intended to take the “easy and fast way.” Therefore, you still have to work hard to continue your expansion. When your chakras are healthy and expanded, everything becomes more natural, and this is precisely the purpose of these. These meditations will expand your chakra until it reaches its maximum capacity for your highest good.

It is safe because these meditations connect with the higherself. It is your higherself and your guides who will ensure your energy stays in a good state. You do not get overwhelmed by the added perception (especially correct for Heart, Third Eye, and Crown.) This meditation also focuses on sealing the activation with solid white light. This way, the chakra stays at its expanded level. Eventually, you will reach a higher plateau, and you will reach it, archiving your prior milestone! In the long term, you can get to empower your chakras several times. If you do not rush and you upkeep correctly, you will experience constant development, therefore, bringing more progress. After all, when you spend your time, you get results. So, invest in doing something you don’t care about, focus on yourself.

In addition to benefits, you get results.

A very positive aspect of having the expanded chakras is a greater abundance. Besides, during the process of expanding your chakras, you will see that you will have greater well-being in the first place. In the same way, you can see those different aspects of your life improve. You will also feel much happier. You will finally be able to reach goals that you would never think you would achieve at first. Surely you will grow!

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Now you know how to improve them.

Now you will be able to check each “The Chakra Activation Series” guided meditations; therefore, you can choose the one you need the most. Even more, you may desire more than one!

I recommend working on each chakra, one at a time, before moving onto the next one. Surprisingly, it will be much more beneficial this way.


Root Chakra.

Benefits: Firstly, you will be more connected and focused. Therefore you will have more energy. You will have much more energy to spend the day. You will be more connected to the world around you, among others. Also, your physical body will benefit because from the beginning, you will have greater access to energy. As a result, for example, feeling more energized during the day as well as feeling healthier.

Subliminal (Chanted): Lam – Lam – Lam – My root is expanded – Lam Lam Lam

You can find more about your Root Chakra by clicking right here.

Root Chakra Activation.

Navel Chakra

Benefits: Firstly, you will improve your professional and intimate life. Secondly, you will obtain more magnetism to attract abundance. Therefore you will have a stronger professional presence, among others. You will immediately realize that you can live life with more passion. Also, if you let that expansion fill your being from the beginning, you will live the moment with more intensity. As a result, for example, you have a better time at an event.

Subliminal (Chanted): Vam – Vam – Vam – My navel is expanded – Vam Vam Vam

You can find more about your Navel Chakra by clicking right here.

Navel Chakra Activation.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Benefits: This meditation will significantly enhance your personal power, and your limiting beliefs reduce. You will have much more confidence in yourself, and you will have a much stronger and magnetic personality, among others. From the beginning, you will see that faith in yourself brings you good results. If you also keep in mind that you can achieve your goals, you will have more perseverance. As a result, for example, People respect you more.

Subliminal (Chanted): Ram – Ram – Ram – My solar plexus is expanded – Ram Ram Ram

You can find more about your Solar Plexus Chakra by clicking right here.

Solar Plexus Chakra Activation.

Heart Chakra

Benefits: You will be able to perceive love on a much deeper level. You can feel connected to a deeper level with others, and you will see your life in a much more empathetic way, among others. From the beginning, you will have greater acceptance of others, and during the process of meeting other people, you will have a higher disposition. In this way, your relationships will have much more value. As a result, for example, you will perceive and express romance better. For this purpose, the more open your heart chakra is, the better. 

Subliminal (Chanted): Yam – Yam – Yam – My Heart is expanded – Yam Yam Yam

You can find more about your Heart Chakra by clicking right here.

Heart Chakra Activation.

Throat Chakra

Benefits: First of all, you can speak with greater determination, even during stressful situations. Your eloquence will strengthen while the words will come out of your mouth with ease. You will have much better self-expression, and you will focus more when others speak. During conversations, you will know at what times you should talk or listen. As a result, for example, your words will have more authority.

Subliminal (Chanted): Ham – Ham – Ham – My Throat is expanded – Ham Ham Ham

You can find more about your Throat Chakra by clicking right here.

Throat Chakra Activation.

Third Eye Chakra

Benefits: Firstly, your intuition will improve, and also, your dreams will be more intense. You will be able to perceive beyond the five physical senses. You will have a greater understanding of the energies that surround you. It is essential to enhance your connection with your third eye, as well. From the beginning, you will see that your creativity expands. You will have more intuition, and on the other hand, you will have more creativity.

Subliminal (Chanted): Om – Om – Om – My Third Eye is expanded – Om Om Om.

You can find more about your Third Eye Chakra by clicking right here.

Third eye Chakra Activation.

Crown Chakra

Benefits: Firstly, you will be much more connected with the Spirit. In this way, you will be more connected with your Spiritual Guides and those who love you and surround you. Also, you can more easily take advantage of the higher planes of existence, be it for channeling, for an astral project, or any other desire. Most importantly, you will feel more connected to the universe and finally protected. For the most part, you will perceive the presence of your guides.

Subliminal (Chanted): Aum – Aum – Aum – My Crown is expanded – Aum – Aum – Aum

You can find more about your Crown Chakra by clicking right here.

Crown Chakra Activation.

Eighth Chakra

Benefits: This chakra is the pure essence of your soul, as well as your energy. Your energetic signature generates in this eighth chakra. For me, the eighth chakra is the seat of the soul. Of course, this is technically the pineal gland / third eye, but this seat is more to drive the physical body. But where the Soul finds “is the cradle” (for this life), it is in the eighth chakra. Therefore, you will enhance your astral travel abilities.

Subliminal (Chanted): OMAum – OMAum -OM Aum – My eighth is expanded – OMAum – OMAum – OMAum

You can find more about your Eighth Chakra by clicking right here.

Eighth Chakra Activation.

The chakra activations series are compelling, and they can improve your life to a great extent! Moreover, you will meet with better results. Do not miss this opportunity and get started without delay!

If you want to share or gift this meditation, I will appreciate it a lot if you bought another copy. It is easy to make a copy, but it will help me greatly if you don’t. Therefore, if you find it in your heart, contact me if you want to purchase multiple copies, I will give you a discount!

And remember, you have many guided meditations available and ready to use:

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