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Hello, my fellows 🙂

How are you doing today? I wish for you to have a beautiful Valentine’s day! Last year it happened to be (by coincidence) a more Valentine’s themed blog post about soulmates and twin flames. It is funny as I never planned it for this year nor last, LOL!

So, I bet some of you have noticed, mainly because it is the 10th already, 6:44 PM as I type this, that there have been some changes, To make the site faster and easier. With so many devices, it gets tricky. So every time you buy something or book reading, for example, you will be taken to a familiar environment: the usual from this site plus the connectivity from app-based stores. I am sure you will love the new store and for those who are used the old way, don’t worry, I do not like to be forced into upgrades, so neither you will you! You quickly will find links to take you to the old booking options (or if you prefer to do it through Etsy, etc.)

thanks a lot

It has been eight years since I started following my path with Spirit, and all of you have been a crucial part of it, thank you!

The new store is big news, but as you all know, I like to have integrity, so it is one of those times where you have to share a price adjustment. I do not like to talk about this, but communication is key. A month ago, the little reading went up a little, but especially because I was double-over-delivering and I was damaging my energy. However, the price for the rest of the readings remained the same for over a couple years despite the increased cost of living. Taxes, online services, this very own server, web domains, etc. have been “fattening” the bill. So, after several “nudges” from my guides, I had to make a price change. It only affects readings. The reason healings are not going up in price is because healing is the foundation of all. 🙂 I want to make healing as reachable as possible! I also want to add; there will be even more free healing in all the readings! These are the new prices:

Little: $14.95 (12,45 €)
Medium: $44.95 (37,35 €)
Large: $89.95 (74,70 €)
ExtraLarge: $134.95 (112,05 €)
Skype/Whatsapp $220 (249, 45 €)

And this is pretty much it. I know it has been a lot of new releases, and I am very grateful for your emails and support. I will make sure more keeps coming. Next week, as you probably have guessed, it is the time for the subsequent chakra activation. The Navel chakra is our next chakra, so next week, the guided meditation for a navel chakra activation will be available. I will share more next week. See you next Wednesday!


Much Love & Light.

I invite you to check last year’s post clicking here!

Lots of blessings and abundance your way!

Rev. Fernando Albert

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Many blessings!

thank you


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