New Tax Adjustment and a couple more retouches!


Hello! I wanted to bring this one sooner, but we couldn’t delay the stuff from the last two weeks! We have the forecast and the life challenges, to bring sooner. And I really dislike creating a blog post like this, especially, when these changes have been for over a couple weeks, but I like to communicate everything,

Well, this week I come with those news that no one likes to share, nor to read. Tax laws in Europe are stringent, and the issue of online services is changing. Therefore, there will be some changes in the prices to be able to face the required taxes. They force me to pay VAT, with no option. In fact, for a period I was responsible for that. It is not healthy energetically since the sales tax needs to be taken care off by the person requesting the service, as in a regular store. However, these laws are not prepared for those of us who have the pleasure of working with people around the world. Therefore, to make it easier for everyone I have to include the local tax. This, and perhaps a little more (the cost of living also goes up). In Fiverr, the prices are higher due to this problem, and they have been for more than a month. They are higher still than here.

The new prices of the readings will be:

  • Small Reading: $ 19.95 (17.95 €)
  • Medium reading: $ 59.95 (52.95 €)
  • Large Reading: $ 119.95 (106.95 €)
  • Extra Large Reading $ 179.95 (159.95 €)
  • Skype: $ 324.95 (€ 289.95)

In healings, there will also be the following changes:

  • The complete healing stays at almost the same price as before. I only make a small adjustment to a total of $ 24.95 (21.95 €) per session is complete healing.

However, the basic healing will have a couple of changes. There is a reason why I always give healing in my readings, and that is because I like healing very much and it does not drain me to send it. The healings themselves have a price due to the recording time, and of course, the time that I put in the healing. Many of you have told me that I should charge more for healing, but talking to my guides and my own opinion, low prices are good, it is not toxic for me. It almost upsets me when I see healers charging hundreds for a session. So the basic healing:

  • The basic healing with a brief voice report (as always) will now be $ 12.45 (10.95 €). This is a more energy fair amount due to the time spent on the voice report. The previous price was not right. In fact, in Fiverr a long time ago, it went up.

And that’s it, short because it was mostly for tax purposes. Next week I bring you something more appealing, like the fact that some courses have grown, others will continue to grow, and also, there will be a significant discount! But before we go, I am going to give you a special discount that will be good until the end of 2019. It is a 3% discount on all Readings and Healings 🙂 You can use it more than once, over, over and over until 2020! You will only be able to apply it using the usual pay platform (instead of the PayPal button): Make sure to use TYFORTHREE when you are checking out!

Next week, another discount! But all this, next week … See you next Wednesday!



Much Love & Light.

I invite you to check earlier posts on the same day/month:  2017, 2016.

Lots of blessings and abundance your way!

Rev. Fernando Albert

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thank you

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