Free Guided Meditation: Chakra Balancing and Healing


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Before we start, maybe you know nothing about meditation or spirituality. If you want to learn more about these, I have an article about spirituality, meditation, astral projection and more than I am sure you will enjoy.

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Welcome to Soul Guidance and Meditation

I am very grateful you came to my site. I hope you feel at home, with the freedom to check every corner. This way, you will be able to find a little more about me.

I want to celebrate your arrival with a gift, one that will allow you to test my work, my voice and my style. I prepared a small but powerful 10 minutes guided meditation, which will take you to a Chakra Healing and balance.


This is a good free mindfulness meditation for sleep while you heal and open your chakras.

This guided meditation comes with Theta brainwaves. These will help you reach a deeper level of healing and relaxation. It also comes with subliminal messages that will assist as arrive at a deeper level of healing while surpassing blocks from fear and limiting self-beliefs. This way, the most profound healing will occur within yourself.

Before you even keep reading, you can play below a small 24 seconds sample so you can get a feel for the sound of my voice and speech:

Check the list of my guided meditation to get to know them. To find out more about them, just click on their names for a full description. I recommend, “Chakra Balancing” and “Visit your Akashic Records.”

Chakra Balancing Medium/Advanced 45 minutes
Higher Self Medium/Advanced 32 minutes
Space Travel Basic/Medium 35 minutes
Connect with your Spirit Guides Medium 27 minutes
The Little Meditations Basic-Expert+ 5,6,7,9, 19 minutes
Visit your Akashic Records Medium/Advanced 30 minutes
Lucid Dreaming Induction Basic 30 minutes
Soothing Meditation Medium/Advanced 44 minutes
Crossed Healing Double Meditation All levels 26 minutes
Receive a Gift All levels 22 minutes
Strengthen the Love – The Three Foundations All levels 20 minutes
ThankYou-ThankYou All levels 20 minutes
Drift off to Sleep All levels 60 minutes

Enjoy guided meditation mp3 free download!

And let me know how it goes!

Besides of this, I am preparing new meditations, subscribe now, and I will keep you updated with all the freshest news. The following meditations are coming soon, so stay tuned:

  • Healing Chronic issues.
  • Connecting with UFOs.
  • Visit Parallel Lifes.


Personalized meditations are available. Contact me, and I will get back to you with more information.

If you want to share or gift this mediation, I will appreciate a lot if you bought another copy. It is easy just to make a copy, but it will help me a lot if you don’t. Contact me if you want to purchase multiple copies, I will give you a discount!

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Thanks. Sending you lots of blessings and abundance.

Many blessings!

thanks a lot

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