The Chakra Activation Series: Activating your Chakras.

All meditations from The Chakra Activation Series are ENHANCED with higher sound quality and some with 432Hz frequencies, where deep healing occurs.

There will be two minutes worth of quiet background music at the beginning. Now, you can get ready and comfy before the actual meditation starts. After two minutes, you will be notified that the meditation is about to begin.

Before we start, maybe you know nothing about meditation or spirituality. If you want to learn more about these, I have an article about spirituality, meditation, astral projection and more than I am sure you will enjoy. I also strongly

What is The Chakra Activation Series?

The Chakra Activation Series is a set of relaxing guided meditations with the intention of expanding the energy of your chakras to the highest of their capacity. I recommended that you keep your chakras in a healthy state, balanced and open. You can find plenty of information about how to maintain a robust chakra system throughout this site. If you are still confused, I invite to contact me, and I will try to lend you a hand.

You will find one guided meditation for each of the chakras. These guided meditations last about ten-fifteen minutes each and they pack a brief but powerful 1-2 minutes of relaxation time. While these meditations are for everyone, if you have yet to experience meditation, I recommend you to go with a different type of meditation. I invite you to check out the Chakra Healing guided meditation, clicking here.

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How to open the chakras? How to activate the chakras?

Are widely asked today… and that time has now arrived!

During an activation meditation, you will experience:

  • Quick cleansing. While the chakra you are working on should be in a healthy state, there will be some cleansing at the beginning of the meditation, preparing the chakra for its expansion.
  • Guided imagery journey. This journey will be guided in a way, that you will be empowering the vibrations of the chakra you are working on. You will find that each of these meditations is very different, bringing into your consciousness plenty of visualizations that contribute to expanding your chakra. You will need to follow.
  • Bija Mantras. At some point in the meditation, you will be asked to chant a specific two-letter chant. The intention for this is to fully bring the vibrations of your chakra to the maximum level possible. Baji Mantra will also be included in the subliminal.
  • Subliminal empowerment. At a shallow volume (but audible), there will be some subliminal as in the other guided meditations. The subliminal will be: “My xxxx is open” “Baji Chant for xxxx” “My xxxx is empowered” where “xxxx” is the chakra you are working on.
  • Healing. All these meditations are charged with white light healing energy with the intention of bringing wellness into your life, as well as expansion for the chakra you are working on. It will empower a lot more the actual activation.
  • Expansion and seal. The meditation will wrap up with a brief visualization of your chakra expanded, as well as a seal to keep your chakra in this expanded state.

The purpose of these meditations is to help you progress through your spiritual journey. These meditations alone will not complete your journey. These meditations are to give you a significant boost. Upgrading your car’s engine and coolant, you will have much more power, but you still need to drive the car. These guided meditations are not intended to take the “easy and fast way.” You still have to work hard to continue your expansion. When your chakras are healthy and expanded, everything becomes more natural, and this is precisely the purpose of these. These meditations will expand your chakra to its maximum capacity. It  is safe because these meditations connect with the higherself and it is your higherself and your guides who will ensure your energy stays in a good state, and you do not get overwhelmed by the added perception (especially correct for Heart, Third Eye, and Crown.) This meditation also focuses on sealing the activation with solid white light. This way, the chakra stays at its expanded level. Eventually, a higher plateau is generated, and you will be able to reach it, archiving your prior milestone! On the long term, you can get to empower your chakras several times. If you do not rush and you upkeep correctly, you will experience constant development.

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Now you know how to improve your chakras.

You will find this chakra activation guided meditations. 

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Root Chakra.

opened root

The Chakra Activation Series:


BenefitsYou will be more grounded and focused. You will have a lot more energy to go through the day. You will be more connected with the world that surrounds you, among others.

Subliminal (Chanted): Lam – Lam – Lam – My root is expanded – Lam Lam Lam

You can find more about your Root Chakra clicking right here.

Navel Chakra

navel active

The Chakra Activation Series:


BenefitsYour professional and intimate life will be enhanced. You will gain extract magnetic to attract more considerable wealth, as well as having a stronger professional presence, among others.

Subliminal (Chanted): Vam – Vam – Vam – My navel is expanded – Vam Vam Vam

You can find more about your Navel Chakra clicking right here.


Solar Plexus Chakra

Empower your solar plexus chakra

The Chakra Activation Series:


Benefits: Your power will be significantly enhanced while your limiting self-believes reduced. You will have much more self-confidence, and you will have a much stronger and magnetic personality, among others.

Subliminal (Chanted): Ram – Ram – Ram – My solar plexus is expanded – Ram Ram Ram

You can find more about your Solar Plexus Chakra clicking right here.

Heart Chakra

The Chakra Activation Series:

heart chakra

Benefits: You will be able to perceive love at a much more in-depth level. You will be able to feel connected at a deeper level with others, and you will view your life in a much more empathic way, among others.

Subliminal (Chanted): Yam – Yam – Yam – My Heart is expanded – Yam Yam Yam

You can find more about your Heart Chakra clicking right here.

Throat Chakra


The Chakra Activation Series:


Benefits: You will be able to speak up with greater determination. Your eloquence will be empowered while the words will just come out from your mouth. You will have much better self-expression as well as focusing sharper when others are speaking.

Subliminal (Chanted): Ham – Ham – Ham – My Throat is expanded – Ham Ham Ham

You can find more about your Throat Chakra clicking right here.

Third Eye Chakra

third eye activation

The Chakra Activation Series:


Benefits: Your intuition will be enhanced. You will be able to perceive beyond the five physical senses. You will have a higher understanding of the energies that surround you. It is essential to empower your connection with your third eye as well.

Subliminal (Chanted): Om – Om – Om – My Third Eye is expanded – Om Om Om.

You can find more about your Third Eye Chakra clicking right here.

Crown Chakra

crown activation

The Chakra Activation Series:


Benefits: You will be much more connected with the Spirit as well as your Spirit Guides and those who love and surround you. You will be able to tap easier into higher planes of existence, whether it is to channel, to astral project or any other desire.

Subliminal (Chanted): Aum – Aum – Aum – My Crown is expanded – Aum – Aum – Aum

You can find more about your Crown Chakra clicking right here.

Eighth Chakra

eighth chakra

The Chakra Activation Series:


Benefits: This chakra is the pure essence of your soul. I believe that your energetic signature generates on this eighth chakra. For me, the eighth chakra is the seat of the soul. Sure, this is technically the Pineal Gland / Third Eye, But I say that said seat is more to drive the physical body. But where the Soul finds “it’s cradle” (for this lifetime) is at the eighth chakra.

Subliminal (Chanted): OMAum – OMAum -OM Aum – My eighth is expanded – OMAum – OMAum – OMAum

You can find more about your Eighth Chakra clicking right here.


Chakra activations are very powerful, and they can improve your life to great extents! Do not miss this opportunity!

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Wishing you plenty of abundance!

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