Drift off to Sleep: Powerful guided meditation for deep sleep.

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Before we start, maybe you know nothing about meditation or spirituality. If you want to learn more about these, I have an article about spirituality, meditation, astral projection and more than I am sure you will enjoy.

Guided meditations for deep sleep are possible: This is one!

You have it now! And it will definitely bring your slumber. I invite you to read this entry about the benefits of a good sleep.

This meditation is ENHANCED with higher sound quality and some with 432Hz frequencies, where deep healing occurs.

There will be two minutes worth of silent background music at the beginning. Now, you can get ready and comfy before the actual meditation starts. After two minutes, you will be notified that the meditation is about to start.

Sleeping is an essential aspect of our lives, however, thanks to our busy society, we have reached a point where we are sleep deprived. We can go on for months and even years, re-wiring our brain to have an interrupted and poor sleep. With inadequate sleep, you are lead to many adverse outcomes, so, rather than focusing on these negative points, it is time to start gaining back your sleep.

This guided meditation, Drift off to Sleep, will help you to have a deep and rested sleep. This meditation will help you to fall asleep and stay asleep. You can find in multiple testimonials that my voice helps a lot to fall asleep, even on meditations not aimed at sleeping. In fact, why don’t you judge yourself? You can play a 30 seconds sample and get a feel for the sound of my voice and speed of speech:

What do you think? If you are still not convinced, I invite you to download my free guided meditation right here. This meditation lasts 15 minutes; however, there will be background instrumental music for an additional 45 minutes. The entire meditation contains Theta brain waves with which we achieve a relaxation and a more profound healing as well as a deep sleep.

This is a good meditation for beginners, as well as for more advanced meditators.

Like in all my meditations, this one is combined with healing energy, positive affirmations, ambiance music as well as the Theta Brainwaves. Also, this meditation contains subliminal affirmations (you will find them below) that will help you to sleep deeper. You may experience:

  • Deep meditation, for a perfect relaxation and deep sleep.
  • More vivid dreams and maybe lucid dreams.
  • It removes subconscious fears and doubts that cause blockages and disrupts your sleeping time.
  • Waking up feeling more rested and refreshed.
  • You will be feeling better overall, as well as more healed and rested.

You can find this meditation’s specs below:

Duration 15 Minutes (Plus an additional 45 minutes worth of silence, but containing instrumental music, subliminal affirmations, theta waves)
Goals Deep and Restful sleep.
Level All.
Subliminal Messages I wake up rested
I love my bedroom
I sleep all night
I sleep tight
I love sleeping
Background: Instrumental/Relaxing Music/Ambience
IMPORTANT Don’t drive or use heavy machinery while using this Meditation.

You can experience a profound meditation in five minutes!



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