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(This Manual will be available in a video-course format by May 2018! ~ If you plan to grab this manual (or you already grabbed it), be aware that once it available in video, your investment on this written manual will be fully discounted from the Video version!) This manual will continue to be available, in case you are more of a reader.) 

How to channel Spiritual Energy?

I grew up being an intuitive empath as well as experiencing premonitions. For years, I have been channeling and connecting with my Spirit Guides. Within the last several years, I have attended many classes and workshops, mainly focusing on both spiritual and psychic development. Especially around the arts of healing, intuition, channeling, and meditation.

Since this manual holds a lot of information, it will help you to amplify your wisdom. It comes with a mantra that will help you empower your Crown Chakra. You will cleanse your mind, and you will know how to differentiate between imagination and channeling.

This manual is great if you want to improve your Channeling, but if you are still not familiarized with Channeling, don’t worry, because this handbook starts with the basics! With practice and dedication, you will learn to connect with your spirit guides. You will ask them from the very basic yes/no questions to a whole personalized conversation!

Check out the Syllabus:

  1. What is channeling?
  2. Set and setting. How to prepare properly?
  3. Channeling and Imaging, that fine line.
  4. Getting started. First contact.
  5. Delving deeper into the technique.
  6. Creating a day to day relationship with your Guides.
  7. Multi-being channeling.
  8. Channeling crystals and objects.(Psychometry.)
  9. Beware of Ego. Learn to trust, respect and believe.
  10. External Aids.
  11. Quick Guide.
  12. Conclusion.

You can check out a small sample here:


With the appropriate use of this manual, in just three weeks you will be able to experience some connection with your Spirit Guides. However, do not rush, everybody progresses and develops at their own pace!

You can also e-mail me if you have any questions and I will be happy to reply them to you. Many of these manuals have sold already, and people are progressing at an exciting and impressive pace!

Do you want to know how to channel?

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Video Course coming in May 2018!

Upgrade your “phone” and start chatting with Astral beings!



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I wish abundance and Healing for you and your loved ones!

Many blessings!

thanks a lot

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