Loved ones who become Spirit Guides. Why and how?

Hi! How is it going? It is almost February! Since next Wednesday will be the 7th already, I prepared the forecast and it online already. You can find it on Youtube clicking here. I will post it here next Wednesday because we already have an interesting topic for this week. It also matters (energetically) to not post the Forecast on a different month, even if it is the last day like this (next also) month. I am sure that out of the image you are already wondering!

Did you know you may be deeply connected to a family member in Spirit?

So, I want to share a little bit about family members who crossed over to Spirit, and yet, are more involved with this physical life than some people in their physical bodies! Jokes aside, this is very true. I can relate to not one, but two living examples near me. My wife and my dad, who are very connected with one specific family member in Spirit. But before we get there, I want to share how do I perceive afterlife family connections since they can vary a lot. There are factors beyond your relationship with them or their wisdom in their former life… their soul might have more or less knowledge and experience, and this plays a vital role. As usual, I base this on either my findings through readings or my personal experience, so these are my views:

A family member is looking after you.

  •  This is the most standard and universal connection. Someone’s life comes to an end, their physical body is, sadly, no more, leaving us (still at the third dimension) with a degree of emptiness. But it is crucial that you become aware that, while there might not be a physical connection, the spiritual connection is still there. And your family member is closer to you than you think (less than “a few inches”) but in a different plane of existence. I am sure many of you who have loved ones who have departed have felt their presence once or more. Others might have received a thought from them (sort of an implanted thought) and maybe even picking up something with extra-sensory perception. Even those who are not mediums nor psychics will still perceive a connection like this throughout their life. Be assured that this is your family member. In a dream, for example, you will know if you dream of your deceased loved one, or you that soul entered your dream, you will know… Normally, this is the group of “they are watching over you.” But they can only watch. When I connect with them for a reading, they play “their paper” as they did when they were alive. But pretty much it will stay there. This is an excellent connection because you will still feel them and connect with them (if you are a medium) or through a mediumship reading. The chances are that your kids will be able to perceive these family members also, as they stay very close to the physical plane.

A family member who becomes your Spirit Guide. 

  • This is the main reason I wanted to write this blog post, as I am amazed at this process. I find it to be beautiful and very nurturing. As many of you know, we do have some Spirit Guides since the time of birth (even for your entire existence) and others who come and go. With our development, some spirit guides do change, as you might need more horsepower (spiritguidepower in this case!) This means that our Spirit Team is volatile so it can change. Some family members might desire to continue their work, and they might be wise enough to be able to do more… When a soul is wise enough, they may decide to “upgrade” to become a Spirit Guide. I do not know the exact nature of this, but for what I was told upstairs, they learn in the astral plane until they are ready. I have witnessed two cases one of them, being my wife. Her mom crossed over at an earlier age. However, she is a mighty soul, and she was able to become my wife’s Spirit Guide. Now, she is part of the family since we can communicate with her. As she became one of my wife’s spirit guides, her responsibilities grew. She can do many things like a Spirit Guide; she can even further guide my wife since “she has more permissions” over my wife’s soul than a family member who is not a Spirit Guide. Their connection to a family member does not disempower because of this, quite the contrary. However, it is also true that sometimes, her mom connects with me through mediumship (generally, to make a joke or say something funny, or something a spirit guide wouldn’t say.) She normally connects as a Spirit Guide (takes less energy) unless she wants to play a little more the “mom paper.” This is funny because makes me think, “Since I cannot do this as a guide, I do as a spirit, no one will notice, it is a different channel.” However, it is true (rare, but real), that maybe she wanted to say something as a mom, but due to being a Spirit Guide, she couldn’t (Your spirit Guides do have much more authority over your energy than a family member in spirit. It is quite amazing what Spirits can do something (my wife’s mom defied the laws of physics in seánce, to the point of making me doubt and fearing for the table to crash on  the ground…) I have witnessed this connection also with my grandfather, who connects with me as a Spirit, like my grandpa, and connects with my dad as a wise Spirit Guide (and I assume as a dad too.)

A family member who decides to leave.

  •  I also want to bring this point. Don’t worry, if there is/was a definite connection, this will not happen. However, I have also witnessed this event. I am going to share a situation where this happened. One of my unce’s (wife’s side) crossed over. Natural death during sleep. His brothers are toxic, and they only took advantage of him. However, he did cherish them back. Driving by his house sometime later, I would clairvoyantly see light lit. Long story short. He was waiting for his brothers to come, they did come indeed (to loot his home), but not a single trace of grief. I told him a few times that he won’t be cared for. I sent him love, a lot of love and helped him to go to the light. Sadly, he stayed there. As I medium, I did not want to see a Spirit suffering, so I did “threaten” him that I would not hesitate in banishing him away for him to find his happiness again, and asked him to go back to the Healing Rooms. He did and after some time, driving by his home, I saw the light, but it was bright, not like an old lightbulb. He was waiting to thank for the help. He told me he realized his family and healed his pain. He told me he was very grateful, but he was going to leave this plane for good. He is not to be found now, and it is incredibly unlikely he will come back. Since he is not missed by his family members (no wife, no kids, no close connections at all with other than his toxic brothers.) I told him that my wife and I do not need for him to stay here for us, that it was time for him to start enjoying (his life was not a good one). So, he left and right now, he is somewhere in the Astral Plane, or maybe even reincarnated elsewhere.

So, this is my perspective based on multiple experiences over family members departing. Eventually, these family members will reincarnate back here at Earth or on another planet. This means that if my mother in law (I doubt it!) or my grandpa (maybe, who knows) may decide to reincarnate and experience another human life. Do you know what this means? It is possible that you were a spirit guide at some point in between lifetimes.  This applies especially true to old souls, starseeds, and incarnate angels. However, there is no exact science here. The only way to know is how right you feel that with you, as well as checking your Akashic Records. But it is a fantastic curiosity to share 🙂

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And, this is all folks! What are your thoughts about this? Do you feel your family members around? Have you experienced any connection with a family member, maybe like in your dreams? I invite you to share right here! So, as I said at the beginning of this article, next week it is time for February’s Forecast, (since tomorrow is the first, I did upload it already. You can find it on Youtube clicking here. Next week, it will post here! See you next Wednesday!


Much Love & Light.

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Lots of blessings and abundance your way!

Rev. Fernando Albert

thank you


  1. Trish says:

    Wonderful topic Fernando! Thank you for sharing your experiences! My personal loss is too recent to comment on, but this article was a great comfort. My prayers to you and your loved ones. I am glad your uncle has found peace. Namaste

    • Thanks for sharing, it means a lot 🙂 I am very glad it helps. I want to remove the fear of death as well as the so-called disconnection from the other side as we are taught to believe 🙂

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