How to meditate. Part 2/2 – Easy steps to meditation!

how to meditate

Hi there! The second part of, “How to Meditate?” is here! If for some reason you missed the first part, you will be able to read it here. I strongly recommend you read it if you want to learn how to meditate. You can find a lot of guided meditations as well as a lot of information. Here, you will find a powerful exercise for you to get your mind under control. However, maybe you know nothing about meditation or spirituality. If you want to learn more about these, I have an article about spirituality, meditation, astral projection and more than I am sure you will enjoy.

I was mentioning that everybody can learn to meditate. You only need dedication, passion and a great desire to take your meditations to the next level. This way, with a little patience, you will be able to develop your meditations. As you know…

A great way to how to practice meditation at home.

So today, in this second part, I am going to go straight to the point and I am going to give you a powerful technique to tame your mind. This will not only bring benefits for your meditations but also for other very interesting and pleasant abilities, such as lucid dreaming. This exercise will help you with one of the induction techniques.  It will help you in many other things such as astral projection and even remote viewing. Just follow these easy guidelines, and you will witness progress within a few weeks!

  1. You will need to face a wall, with a solid color. You need to empty this wall from frames and other distracting items. Ideally, you want a plain blank wall. Once you find your wall, just attach a post-it to it. Make sure that when you sit down in front of the wall, you are only able to see a blank wall, plus the post-it of course! Nothing else, just the post-it. When this is ready, it is time to start working on this exercise. Just sit in front of the wall and focus all your attention directed at the post-it. Make sure that your entire Universe is just that post-it. You can think about anything you desire if whatever you are thinking about is just the post-it. Make sure the post-it is your only focus of attention. You can make mental affirmations such as, “The post-it is yellow. The post-it is square. The post-it is 3 inches long…” If you realize that your mind wanders somewhere else, allow that thought to vanish and go back to your post-it. Once you realized this had happened 3-4 times in a single session, make sure you give thanks for all the archived progress today and end the session. Tomorrow will be a new day. The goal is to go through a five to ten minutes’ session where your only thoughts are on the post-it.p1
  2. Once you can keep your mind focus only on the post it for five to ten minutes, it is time to progress to the next step. You want to make sure you do not rush to the second stage. You want to be able to archive this for several days in a row before heading into this next step. Once you reach this stage, you can be proud. You have massively developed forward to a wholly tamed mind! But there is still a long way to go! You are going to do the same in this step. However, you are not going to question the post it but just gaze at it without wondering it. Pretty much, you want to have “a copy” of that post-it in your mind, but “no sound” such as, “The post-it is yellow.” Also, you do not want your mind distracted with other thoughts neither. You want to spend as much time at this stage as possible, but do not stick. Once you can accomplish this step for about 7-10 days in a row (okay, you can miss one day!), you can jump into step three. If you do and you are ready, you indeed want to be happy, as you have advanced even further to total dominion over your mind.p2
  3. Now is time to take it up a notch! Now you can keep your monkey brain shut. You can focus on a single point (okay, a post-it in this case!) without distractions. Now is time to keep your mental visualization persisting without external aids. Your eyes serve no purpose in this step, so it is time to remove the post-it from the wall. You will be closing your eyes in this step so that you won’t be seeing the post-it anyway. If you decided not to open your eyes, you must stare at the blank wall. You want to visualize the post with your mind’s eye. Imagine it and keep it in your thoughts, always. Do not lose it; the post-it must stay as the only image in your mind for five to ten minutes without any distractions. As you know, three or four distractions a session, no more! There is always tomorrow. Overdoing it brings more harm than good. In this stage, we are not only archiving a silent monkey brain but also to somehow control our thoughts (or lack of.) Please do not rush to reach the fourth stage, but set some time to meet your goals. The last step will take you to total control of your mind.p3
  4. And now that you are here, it is time to obliterate the only object left in our mind’s existence: the post-it. You won’t need your wall either unless that (for ritualistic purposes) you want to still sit in front of it. In this step, you must have your eyes closed without the option of opening them. Doesn’t this sound like the previous step? Well, not really, as you need to remove the post-it also from your imagination. You can start off by visualizing the post-it, then, a few seconds later, imagine the post-it slowly vanishing until it disappears entirely from your mind. Once you reach this state, you do not want to think about the post-it (will count as a miss if you do.) Focus on the blackness of an empty mind once the post-it vanishes. If you can maintain this for five-ten minutes, you will be able to claim you have complete domination over your mind and you will take your meditations to the next level. Congratulations!p4

So, how was it? This is a compelling and exciting exercise. You can find out more in a blog entry about taming your mind.

Use these easy meditation techniques for beginners!



Now you have this incredible tool that will help you reach mastery. Use it! While you improve your technique, you can help yourself with a great guided meditation, such as the Chakra Healing Meditation. Check it out by clicking here on the image below:

chakra balance guided meditation

And we have reached the end. I hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed sharing. Next week, since I shared this exercise today, I am going to talk about Channeling. This way, you will learn how to connect with your Spirit Guides and other beings of Light. This exercise will also be great to help yourself control your channeling ability. You can’t miss it!


Much Love & Light.

Lots of blessings and abundance your way!

Rev. Fernando Albert

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