Spiritual Labels. Why do they bring more harm than good?

Hello everybody! How is the development of your “clairs” going? Do not worry much about this subject. The development of any “clair” is based on the perseverance of the practice. As time goes by, they will develop and improve more and more. But what I want to focus on this week is the topic of spiritual labels. As you probably know, there are not hundreds, but thousands of different kinds of readings. If you have visited pages of psychics, healers, and personal assistants, you must have noticed that many of them have a myriad of complicated names when it comes to offering a reading. This brings a lot of confusion instead of making things easy for the person who is looking for help.

Spiritual readings are spiritual readings.

Over the years, I have realized more and more that deep down, everyone wants one thing: help. It is as simple as this, and for that very reason, the psychic readings here in Soul Guidance & Meditation, have no proper name other than, “The Reading.” This way, it avoids confusion and is much more direct when buying a reading. But this is not the only reason…

Labels aside, it is true that there are several sources of information available such as:

  • The Akashic Records.

  • Spiritual Guides.

  • Other astral beings of light.

  • Your Higher Self.

  • Your energy, chakras, and aura.

  • Divination tools such as tarot, runes, crystals, oracles, etc.

  • Your Shadowed Self.

Receive an accurate reading… there is no room for labels, only clear psychic guidance.

I wrote about Psychic Readings: The Right Way – Ensure to receive clear spiritual readings, so check it out to go even deeper with the understanding of how to properly order a reading.

Even so, many people will find themselves without knowing what kind of reading to ask for. It is no longer due to confusion because of impossible labels, but because of not knowing which source of information will be the most appropriate. And I say, don’t you think it would be easier to connect with all these sources of light? For that is my goal when doing psychic readings.

As you can see, here you will not find any complications, and you will receive the information you are looking for. We live in a complicated world where we love to turn everything around. But when it comes to seeking spiritual help, we must avoid complicating things unnecessarily.

There is not much to explain as it is simple and straightforward. 150 years ago, when a medium/healer was visited, there were no impossible tags or names. Therefore, they are not necessary.

There is an entry I like to share because it will provide a great read and will help you to learn further about meditation, astral projection, and spirituality. You can read a lot more about this right here.

And that is all for today! I hope this entry helps you to see the subject of the readings from another perspective and to focus on the messages instead of the label. Next week, I’m going to talk about one of these sources, the Akashic Records. I want to share my point of view and my experience with them, but all this, next week! Do not miss it.


Much Love & Light.

Lots of blessings and abundance your way!

Rev. Fernando Albert

thank you

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