General Forecast for the month of October, 2018

october forecast

Hello folks!

So, it is the first Wednesday of the month, so it is time for the forecast! You can find these on my YouTube channel and also you can watch here right here. I invite you to subscribe to my channel now, this way, you are always up to date with goodies and other surprises I have planned for YouTube!

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Are you wondering what a monthly forecast is?

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This reading, rather than focusing on a specific issue, person or situation, focuses on global consciousness and energetic influences. If you are experienced in life, (if you are reading this, you are experienced enough!), you probably have realized that some months are better for healing, for example, while others are good for growth. Some months we might need to watch out for something, or there might be an energetic event affecting the entire planet, and with it, our whole human civilization.  Knowing this information will give you a head start, especially on those “more interesting months” where we can make an impact in our life.

The information channeled in this forecast reading will not apply at an individual level; however, you will find pieces of advice and tips that will be very helpful, as I will also set the intention to receive any messages that would be of interest from Spirit. Upon listening to this reading, you need to take what applies to you, and you will find out, that if the messages from Spirit apply to your situation, so will be any predictions that may come up. Some months are more keen on healing, while others are for growth or many other possibilities. So, if Spirit says we are about to enter a month of healing and you need to heal, the forecast apply much stronger to you as it will sync with your path.

I am pretty sure that most people will be able to take stuff out from these monthly forecasts. I will set the intention for each forecast to touch, at least briefly, each of the living areas, what to expect for that month as well as tips and pieces of advice to get the most out of it. These readings are intended to last about 10 minutes or so, but they will differ minutes up/down. I also want to let you know that all sources of Light will be accessed (spirit guides, channeled divine energy, global energies, intuition, divination tools and any Akasha I may be able to open during these readings.)

Soooo… with that being said, here comes the Forecast Reading for October 2018:

Have you enjoyed the reading? If you like to comment on it, I invite you to comment right here or on YouTube! These forecasts will be released monthly!

Next week we will be chatting about an interesting topic, but this time, in a different plane of existence. Next week’s article is gonna be related with astral projection and reaching ego death during the process (Ego Death is a wonderful thing, nothing to do with physical dying!) But I will share more next week! See you next Wednesday!



Much Love & Light.

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Lots of blessings and abundance your way!

Rev. Fernando Albert

thank you

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