Find inner peace by cleansing your Solar Plexus in five easy steps.

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Good day to all! I was eager to write this article … as this changed my life.

What are the chakras?

The same way we have organs, we have chakras, thousands of them spread throughout our entire body. However, in the same way, we have principal organs, we have seven main chakras that complete our chakra system. You can read more here.

Open your Solar Plexus.

Today I will talk about the importance of a clean and healthy Solar Plexus. I will be very direct, and I want you to start to try the exercise that I will give in this article. The Solar Plexus is our third chakra and is in the stomach. This chakra has several functions, but the most important are:

  • Distribute energy between the upper and lower chakras.
  • It gives willpower and strengthens the personality (and adjusts the ego if it is not working correctly).
  • It gives us self-esteem and charisma.
  • Channels energy to the digestive system.
  • And as I call it, “it is our energy garbage disposal.”

These are a few of the many benefits and features that we can obtain following a Plexus Solar in optimal conditions. Many of today’s social problems solve with an improvement in the level of communication and especially a direct increase in the solar plexus of each one of us. We live in a society of ego and competition. We must learn to protect our energy, and thus, we can walk to/from the path of success with great joy.




There are many ways to reach peace and serenity. One of them is an energy cleaning of your Solar Plexus. As I was commenting, this chakra is responsible, among other things, to clean the negative energy that does not belong to us. It can get blocked, and if it does, we can begin to suffer from stress, lack of self-esteem and even impact on the physical level. My goal, however, is not to talk about the bad, but about what to do so this chakra is healthy and active forever. There are moments in life, due to an unexpected situation, we can suffer a lot of stress in the short and long term. Can you imagine not having more than 10 dollars in your wallet and suddenly the engine check light in the car turns on? You need to drive to work, but the vehicle needs urgent attention which will cost you money you do not have…. You’ve probably been there or know someone who has been. I, in fact, I’ve been, and it was where I learned a powerful exercise.

Your “garbage disposal” chakra. Your solar plexus will cleanse your energy.

This exercise will make you forget all your problems and will help to focus your mind and possibly bring solutions to this problem. This exercise is great because it also aids the Solar Plexus to clear negative energy, including energy from every day. By doing this, you will be able to be more motivated, because when the negative energy leaves, it is the light energy that replaces it. When I finished this exercise, I did not mind the car or what would happen the next day. I had been able to reconnect with the here and now, and I could enjoy the serenity. I said I was going to be direct, and I am going to be, here’s the exercise:

  1. To get the most significant possible benefit, you are going to do his exercise in the shower. Be sure to relax in there for a few minutes before starting.
  2. Slow down your mind chatter and visualize a tap connected to the back of your Solar Plexus, on the lower back area.
  3. Imagine you open said tap and muddy and dirty water starts to come out. It appears like stained and muddy water mixed with soap and water falling from your shower. Notice how this dirty and smelly water flushes out of your being. Look at the drain and see how all this negative energy washes away.
  4. Keeping that image in your mind, mentally affirm that you’re cleaning all the negative energy that has no purpose. Give thanks and visualize (help yourself with your imagination at first) that your “own tap” does not expel dirty water anymore, but white light.
  5. Once you finish, imagine you are closing this tap, and the tub/shower has only soap and clean water. You are Ready!

As you can see, it is a straightforward exercise. For years, I shared this exercise with my clients/friends, and it has now been the best time to share it here on the blog with you all. You should notice a difference from the beginning. But don’t worry if you don’t, after a couple of weeks of doing this exercise every day, you’ll notice improvements with certainty. Try it now!

I suggest you try this powerful guided meditation to balance your chakras as you will bring enormous benefits. It is suitable for beginner meditators as well as for the most seasoned ones. You can find this chakra meditation here:

chakra balance guided meditation

You are going to enjoy it loads. It is also infused with healing and subliminal positive affirmations!

Well, we have reached the end! Now that we know how to eliminate stress, we will focus on getting the most out of our minds. And, how?  Through another simple exercise (no, you do not have to shower for this one!) But next week we will talk about all of this. You cannot miss it!


Much Love & Light.

Lots of blessings and abundance your way!

Rev. Fernando Albert

thank you

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