Ego: What is it? Where does it help? How does it not help?

Hello!! This week I bring a rather interesting and, in a way, an important subject since to understand our ego well is crucial for a spiritual growth. The Ego not only sticks to “believe you are better than others.” This part of the ego really is the most insignificant and easiest to eliminate. There are other, much more important parts of the Ego to focus on and pay attention to.

What does exactly the Ego mean?

Today we can find thousands of answers to this question, but I will answer it based on my experience, and others’ that I have had the pleasure to help over the years.

The bottom line is that the ego is a defense mechanism. We live in a world where competition is brutal, where the big fish eats the small, etc. This is no different for the animals we share this planet with, they must fight even more for their survival. Our ego is connected to our most primitive instinct, “Fight or Flight.” Our ego only focuses on creating a life that is optimal, comfortable and quiet. It is for this reason that society is becoming more robotized. Society today makes things easier for us (if we have resources) and our ego is very grateful for all that comfort.

Our ego will help us decide what action to take during a difficult time, and this decision will generally be the best for our physical safety and comfort. As humans, during our development in childhood we begin to develop our ego, and when we reach puberty, our ego begins to transform to face life as an adult. It is here that many of our traumas caused by our parents can affect our ego.

Is it wrong to have an Ego?

Our goal as human beings is to grow spiritually, to gain experiences in life and to strengthen our soul with experiences. If everything is in order, the ego “will be happy”. However, when there is a challenge in life, the ego can give us advice that will only harm us. The lack of personal, professional and spiritual progress can be a reality if we only listen to the ego.

The reason for this is because the ego will try in every possible way that everything continues the same. Let’s say you have a job with a decent salary and all tasks are optimally developed. One day, you get an offer for a manager position in another company where the salary will be much higher. You realize that this offer is the one you have been waiting for years. Fear invades you. You begin to doubt if you really can accept that job and you feel uncomfortable and think that the job you have now is OK… Is this possible? Yes, and it is a fairly frequent situation. This is, my friends, the ego. The ego is only able to see that everything is in order and that you do not lack anything, therefore, why change? The ego does not care about your success or your development, but only that things are “balanced and easy.”

We find this same problem (but bigger) when we try to follow a spiritual development. The ego is directly connected to the physical plane, and it is the only thing that it really understands. As your ego only focuses on your safety and well-being, anything that can change you, considers it a danger, a threat. Our ego does not understand our goal of growing in life, it just understands that we are bursting our security and balance.

How does ego affect us?

Fears and self-doubts are the main blockages of our spiritual progress, and our ego will constantly remind us of how well we are now and that we do not have to complicate our lives by taking a more difficult path. As you well know, the one who decides to take the path of progress (whether professional, spiritual or personal), will have additional challenges. It is important that you understand that if you have a challenge on your path, it means that you can overcome it. Do not be deceived by the fear of your ego. It is not very difficult to control the ego, but it is important to have a good willpower. This, with the passage of time and personal development, will become increasingly easier.

This matter has no secret. It is important that you know what you want to do, and that you do it. If you must leave your comfort zone, do it. The magic is out of the comfort zone! When you begin to “disobey” your ego and find personal development, it will become easier and easier. We cannot eliminate our ego, but we can “lower its volume.” We are not alone in our battle since the Higher Self is our ally against the ego.

It is important to listen to the ego if there is an imminent danger or if there is something that is going to seriously harm us, but this should be based on our judgment. Although the ego gives many signs of danger that is not correct, we must not forget that it is one of our defense mechanisms in this society and we don’t want to eliminate it either.

And that is all! Next week I will be sharing a few tips and tricks to improve your daily life. Nothing fancy, nothing to buy, just a tiny bit change of habits that will bring major positive consequences in your life. This and more, next week!


Much Love & Light.

Lots of blessings and abundance your way!

Rev. Fernando Albert

thank you


  1. MN says:

    Noticed the ego is less important the more consistently I meditate.

    • Indeed… It gets to a point that you feel hollow, but in a very good way, sort of “the light passes clean through me, I am free”. It is hard to put in words, I am sure you have felt that too 🙂 And with meditation, after just a few tries, everybody can start already feeling that connection 🙂 Glad to know you are doing great!

  2. Tiffany Lin says:

    Thanks for the post! Looking forward to next week Fernando 🙂

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