Some courses grow bigger, and with that, a big discount is here!

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Hello, everybody! How is this 2019 starting for you? I am bringing you some nice and sweet news (nothing sour this time). However, some of you are aware already of what I am about to share. Well, only part of it though, since I had already planned some of these already, and I got a couple of additional ideas as I started to write this entry, so it is still worth a read!

All the spiritual courses are expanding.

All of them did grow last year, receiving new updates, bonus classes, activities and more. These courses will continue growing! Let me share with you out from each course what updates happened and what is yet to come. The best news is that while these courses upgrades, the price will stay the same. In other words, if you joined the course already, these updates come for free, and you can access them from your Dashboard!

Master Lucid Dreaming:

  • Bonus class: Dream symbology.
  • Bonus class: Sleep paralysis.
  • Bonus class: Building your dream world.
  • Bonus class: Dream Sharing.
  • Bonus class: Lucid Dreaming Q&A 1.0
  • New Feature: Lucid Dreaming Challenges.
  • New Feature: Lucid dreaming induction tool.
  • New Feature: Continuous updates on the challenges.
  • (Coming up): Dream abilities and other dream related future bonus classes.

Understanding the Tarot:

  • Bonus class: More about card spreads.
  • Bonus class: More about reversed cards.
  • Bonus class: How to cleanse and store your cards.
  • Bonus class: Different decks, different symbolism. How to go around it?
  • (Coming up): Bonus classes such as how to read the cards (different ways), more symbology, spreads, etc.

Path to Success:

  • Bonus class: Why a second To-Do list is so helpful?
  • Bonus class: Adding reminders as you go.
  • Bonus class: How is a typical day using these?
  • Bonus class: Morning Brain Times.
  • Bonus class: Breaking tasks into smaller ones.
  • Bonus class: Organizing your work in brackets.
  • (Coming up): Further discoveries, experiences and more related to finding more success in life.

Learn Astral Projection and explore the Universe:

  • Bonus class: A trip to the Pleiades.
  • Bonus class: Astral Projection Q&A 1.0
  • Bonus class: Astral Projection Q&A 2.0
  • Bonus class: Astral Projection Q&A 3.0
  • New feature: Relaxation Tool.
  • New feature: Astral Projection Quick guide.
  • (Coming up): Every ten questions that can’t be answered with the current course’s contents, means a new Q&A class!

Channeling Course:

  • UPGRADE: The Channeling Course is now in video.

Reiki I, II, Master/Teacher:

  • (Coming Up): Converted in video course.

Expand your Chakras and your Life.

  • Recently released.
  • Bonus Class: How often you need to cleanse your chakras?

The price for these courses is getting better!

Udemy goes from promotion to promotion almost non-stop. Due to the hundreds of third parties, they are partnered with. What does this mean? That most of the times, you can get one of these courses for $15-$20. Since this is a new normal price available most of the time, the prices here changed a few months ago. Joining one of these video courses goes from $25 to $15 each. Now, the prices here are adjusted with Udemy’s deals!

There is still another bonus!

Only this week! You buy two, you get three! Adding a small discount!

This is a crazy deal. For $25, you will be able to get three courses, any three you want. This deal will expire as January leaves us! If you are interested, just let me know below which ones you are interested in:

And this is pretty much it, a short read because it was just about these course updates. Check out the course section now!

So for next week, I will share with you guys the first time I opened my own Akashic Records ten years ago. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!



Much Love & Light.

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Lots of blessings and abundance your way!

Rev. Fernando Albert

thank you

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