Christmas in coming! While I am no Santa, I have some gifts and special stuff ready!


Hi, folks! Well, as you know, I am a Christmas guy and love Christmas and always celebrated, so like in prior years, there are one or two special posts about it. But it is cheer and happiness for you too, even if you do not like/celebrate, as I am coming with some gifts and special offers that all of you can benefit, whether Christmas is for you or not! You can always avoid the discounts and the gifts here if you prefer though!

Merry Christmas everybody!

Every Christmas I want to bring you guys something, and this year is no less. As you all know, I love Christmas, and it is my favorite time of the year. Only if it was warmer here, … but I guess it is Jack Frost’s time, right? Some misunderstood “legendary figure” he is. Everybody knows Santa and the Tooth fairy,; even Bunny gets an entire holiday! So, I guess he can freeze our butts during Christmas time (got fireplace? A heater can help too! This way, you will help that heater to fullfill its life purpose!). Anyway, I guess many kids in the world are exhilarated with the upcoming Santa’s visit, right? However, it is good to remember and be kind to those who couldn’t pay postage for Santa’s letter… and visualize light, love, and abundance for them.

Christmas is about giving, not receiving, right? Kinda. It feels better to give a gift rather than opening one, this is true… but let’s be frank, who doesn’t like to have a nice gift right in front, to (“gently”) unwrap and pull something nice? We all do, and while some of the Christmas magic is more “down to earth” and kids are the ones that get the most from it, there is enough magic for everybody. Sometimes, you only need to look and you will find it.

Feel your heart with gratitude.

During Christmas times, there is a lot of reasons to be grateful for. You bought someone a gift, making that someone very excited. Aren’t you grateful that you were able to make that gift happen? How about if you receive a gift? I am sure you are grateful to that person. All gifts are wonderful, and they are meant to make our life better. Feeling your heart with gratitude is the best gift you can give to yourself. A heart fueled with gratitude will help you materialize your biggest desires. Santa can’t help here, but the Universe can and will accelerate these desires to materialize, thanks to your inner gratitude. The best thing of all is that this “magic” is just the mechanics of the Universe we live in, accessible to everybody, whether you believe it or not. Christmas is great because there are a lot of reasons to be grateful for.

So, I am going to add three things to this entry:

  • A Christmas Pack you can gift to yourself or others.
  • A Christmas Gift from me for you.
  • A Christmas Gift from you for me! If you feel like it, of course 🙂 But some of you (thank you, thank you, thank you) asked me to add it.

So, to get started, let’s go with the first.

Christmas Package:

(A Christmas Pack you can gift to yourself or others.)

I wanted to make a special Christmas Package for this entire week. You can click here or on the gift below to access it or just send $59 to And what is this package all about? Well, it comes with:

  • A middle-sized reading (10 minutes reading)
  • A complete healing session for you.
  • A complete healing session for someone near you (it may be a furry friend as well, of course!)
  • One guided meditation of your choosing. Receive a Gift will be the one if you are open to any.

I do not like to crunch numbers, especially around Christmas is a little “Scroogy” but like in some Christmas movie, they say “Seeing is believing”. All of these together makes it little above $100, which makes it a nice pack for $59! So, just click here or on the little gift below:

christmas gift

Christmas Healing:

(A Christmas Gift from me for you):

This one is my gift for you guys. I am gifting you healing and (if they come), messages from Spirit. You only need to fill up this form below. Once the session is done, I will reply to your e-mail, with or without a voice report, up to Spirit and my needs. But you will get a ton of healing. You only need to ask:

Lots and lots of healing your way!

Christmas Tip:

(A Christmas tip from you for me.)

It is not bad to evoke one’s wishes out there, right? Plus, I know some of you (thank you, thank you, thank you) have asked me to add this for Christmas, so here it is. If you find it in your heart, you can give me a Christmas tip, and I will be super happy and grateful for it 🙂

You can do so by clicking here or the gift box below.


If you prefer, you can do it on the BigCartel shop clicking right here. Whatever way you choose, I will be super grateful. So, thank you, thank you, thank you. Even your good wishes/desires towards me are very appreciated it. Much light for you too!

I  am coming with something somewhat new, maybe not new, perhaps not a gift, but it is a pack, and it is a good thing for you guys! Also, I might be talking a little bit about time, to question some things about time we experience and, too, of course, wish you a pleasant transition into 2019! So make sure not to miss it. See you in a week!



Much Love & Light.

I invite you to check earlier posts on the same day/month:  2017, 2016.

Lots of blessings and abundance your way!

Rev. Fernando Albert

(More about Fernando and this site)

thank you


  1. DORSEY L ROE says:

    Merry Christmas to you and your family Fernando!

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