Cats! Our spiritual protectors. What do they bring us?

cats protect

Hello everyone! How was last week? Have you practiced your manifestation skills? You know that you can get everything you set out with a little help from the Universe using the appropriate visualization. If you still do not know how, to click here, and you will learn how.

Cats are excellent for spiritual protection.

But today, I’ll tell you a bit about cats. We all know that the dog is man’s best friend, right? But what about cats? Cats are not so well-known because (some) are more independent and many believe that they do not keep company. There are two cats in my home that save us a lot of company. One of them is receiving cuddles as I write this entry. But it is true that both cats enjoy their individuality, just like I enjoy it and like we should all enjoy it. Since cats are not used for farming, working in the fields (though they are well known for rodent control) or as protection regarding security, they have taken the notoriety of “no good for anything” and today many still believe it.


Cats are protectors of the astral plane and powerful healers through the sound of their purr. As well as keeping us company, they are also focused on our energy well-being. A cat is much more sensitive to the energies that surround us, and just like a dog, they give us the signal that there is some danger or that “someone is coming.”  But cats perceive astral beings and energies better, so they will warn us about them. It is imperative that if we have a cat, we let him go with the flow since they know what is happening better than us. I will give you a few situations or examples:

  • The purring is not just because “the cat is happy.” Yes, it is true that in large part it is. Surely in more than one situation, you have felt ill, and you have gone to bed or the couch. Suddenly, our cat comes into the room with a loud purr. The cat is not happy to see us suffer, but he begins to purr with force. But, isn’t true that the purring meant that the cat was happy? The purring sound is between 50 and 150 Hertz. These sound frequencies are healing, since the vibration of sound can promote (or not) healing and well-being. The purring of a cat always brings a frequency that reassures, gives well-being, security, companionship, and healing. In fact, more than once you could find yourself lying on your back and you observed how your cat occupied on a specific part of your body and started to purr. In most cases, merely the cat is getting comfortable. But it is also possible that the cat has perceived something that is not right and wants to heal it. And what better way than with purrs! If your body is hurting, just let your cat get comfortable and purr as much as s/he wishes.


Cats are powerful energy healers!

  • Gazing into the eyes of a cat always makes people talk. A cat perceives energy with much more clarity than a human being (and let’s not talk about whether the cat itself is psychic …) In a future entry (not very far!) I will talk about empathy. Sometimes it’s hard for me to look people in the eye, and I know that some of you have experienced the same. There are people you are unable to look into their eyes … Well, cats feel that but with more intensity. A cat may feel attacked if you stare into their eyes and if you have harmful intentions. Feral cats must survive in the streets, and they rely on their energy perception for it. When a person has good energy, even some stray cats will approach him/her. When you have a good connection with a cat, you can look into their eyes continuously, and the cat will not feel uncomfortable. In fact, cats will perceive your feelings and, in a way, what you are thinking or the intentions that you may have. This is very positive for connecting with your cats since there is a connection at a soul level where your soul and your cat’s, connect. Looking into your cat’s eyes will increase the bond. It is important not to force it. If the cat does not want to make a connection with this type, do not feel bad. There are many energies that cats perceive and perhaps at that moment, they prefer to be “closed” energetically.
  • Cats can see astral energies and beings very easily. If there are cats at home and get scared when everything seems calm, it means that they have perceived something. In fact, if this event is recurrent, I recommend doing a house cleaning using White Sage (or Palo Santo), and if it persists, it is good to do a spectral expulsion. However, it is precisely the cat itself who will prevent such metaphysical disorder. Just as cats heal through purring, they can generate specific frequencies of sound that hinder the influence of that astral being on the physical plane (in your home.) If they are souls with good intentions, like loved ones, the cat will not push them out, for he perceives goodness in the spirits. A cat at home means (to some extent) your home is energetically protected (a dog is not infallible against thieves, but it helps a lot.)

And these are some of the great mysteries of cats. What else can I say? What you already know, the company that a cat or dog give is incredible and beyond description. But also, they protect us, our homes and families in exchange for a little love, food, and roof over their little heads. What more could you ask for! Remember to always treat your furry companions with respect, affection and as an equal, since they are souls experiencing the Earth just like us.

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Well, we have reached the end! I hope you have found it interesting. Next week, we’ll talk a little about the Heart Chakra and the benefits of having it open. They are more than you can imagine! But all this and more, next week.


Much Love & Light.

Lots of blessings and abundance your way!

Rev. Fernando Albert

thank you

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