Got Monotony? (Part 1) Why are you adding a lot of extra monotony into your life?


Hello everyone!

As we progress in this lifetime, we become aware of more and more things. Depending on the challenges, paths, decisions, and people we know, we can grow in many aspects and realize many things. For this reason, I want to share this entry with you. One thing I never liked, not even when I was younger, was the monotony and having to do the same thing every day. Like virtually everyone, I’ve also had “9 to 5 jobs” (8 hours every day, five days a week, always the same) and even, two at a time. I know what monotony is, so I always looked for innovative ideas and new things to do. This was great during the job, but the boredom was still there.

Before we start, maybe you know nothing about meditation or spirituality. Adding these to your life will bring a major positive impact, so make sure to not discard them! If you want to learn more about these, I have an article about spirituality, meditation, astral projection and more than I am sure you will enjoy.

Avoiding monotony can greatly empower your life.

I am observing that the level of monotony on this planet is rising alarmingly, and along with it, a very marked general unhappiness. Even in people who have a stable life (family, economic tranquility, good health and everything in order). The monotony since one gets up running to go to work until he gets home becomes a killer. However, in the last 5 years we have increased that level of monotony even more. The saddest thing is that this flatness is not because work, but leisure! This is thanks to the “new man’s best friend” that is in virtually every person’s pockets, including mine (although I do not pay much attention to the poor thing…). As you know, I am talking about smartphones.

As I have mentioned in previous issues, mobiles have done a lot of damage to our level of communication and our human and personal connection (irony, when in theory we are more connected!) Little by little, for many people his Universe has been shrinking to a 5-inch screen … The arrival of the Internet into our lives has been a breakthrough. Many people can improve their lives to incredible levels thanks to the internet. But everything is harmful when it is abused and since the arrival of the smartphone said abuse is shooting at a very worrying speed. In addition, thanks to social networks, most users are hyperconnected and they accept it with joy. Most users fill their lives with virtual commitments and stresses; “I have to ‘like’ someone’s posts, I have to go to Instagram and upload photos of my dog, I have received 4 Whatsapps that need to be answered… How overwhelming! I recognize that I have enough aberration towards this world, but I have observed how this world is absorbing our own world. Of course, our world has much to improve, but it is infinitely better than the virtual world, and may only live in the virtual world.

Why are we losing touch with ourselves?

If you get the impression that I am talking about two different things, chances are you are a user that is so involved in this virtual world, that has lost perception in the real world … The possible thing is that at this point, you have already realized what I mean. During your leisure time, you have felt obliged to use social networks or do something that is neither work nor is a personal matter. Am I right? This includes games and apps that may not be worth anything, but they take away time and give us “obligations”. In my little use of the smartphone, I liked to play a game of building cities and making them thrive. When the PCs had 50 MB (yes, 50 megabytes …) of a hard disk, I already liked these games … Well, a few weeks ago I realized that although I love the game, there were things that I disliked… for example, to collect resources (sometimes), the events became very long, the wars required time that I preferred to invest in other matters. It had one of the most powerful accounts of the whole server (although you cannot compete with those who spend the day in there or spend small fortunes). I realized how little it filled me and that every time I picked up my cell phone, I wanted to finish with it right away … Solution: Uninstall.

This was a few weeks ago, and I do not miss it. Nor I miss the lost time because I lost it and it is in the past. But I stopped wasting my time on the now …

In my case, it was just this game. But in many cases, there are a lot of them, an exhaustive use of social networks (and there are a lot) and constant messages across multiple apps. Without realizing it, we are wasting a lot of free time doing the same thing day, after day after day … Do not be deceived … although the kittens you saw in today’s photo are different than last week, they are still kittens. Take your dog to the park and enjoy your furry friend and don’t spend your time looking at the photos of people who you do not know … you can look at old photos of your animals and activate good memories. There will always be pictures of beautiful animals on your phone, but our pets sadly last much less than us … I have observed people going through a really bad time because they have realized that they have lost important events in their life thanks to being trapped in this monotonous virtual world.

We have created a society with a lot of monotony. But everyone, some more and some less, we have free time. This free time is precisely for our enjoyment and liberation and, without realizing it, we are filling these moments of leisure more and more with monotonies and virtual commitments with unknown people. This goes so far, that virtual use is always present. Watching television, at dinner with your partner and/or family, at the beach/park with children, going out with your friends … are things that only 10-15 years ago we knew how to enjoy in its fullness. However, today that little piece of plastic, chips and other materials, for which you pay a fortune (and much more than its real value) is creating that interference. “The phone is always present.” Perhaps, in more optimal cases in a romantic dinner, the phones “only” are on the table (when they do not paint anything there in those moments). In many cases, you can observe both members of the couple each on their phone, without enjoying each other. Even if only at times, this is a great interference and distraction in the activity that we are doing. In addition to having that virtual world constantly present and with priority (few people ignore the phone when it beeps for a notification of a social network, for example).

If you want to be happier, you will need to add changes in your life.

Well, I don’t think that Apple and Android are happy with me. It is a topic that personally seems alarming to me… and I have been watching it for years with people from all over the world, as well as people around me (family, friends, neighbors, etc.). In fact, I did not plan to talk so much about the subject, so for this week, I’m going to leave it here. Next week I’ll share some more things and try, through this blog, to break a little with the monotony we suffer daily. We cannot leave work, or daily chores (although there are ways to improve the monotony in them), but we can make some changes that will reduce those moments of “unnecessary monotony.” I am sure we will cover everything I wanted to comment on this topic on the following blog.

If you want to continue reading, and start adding changes in your life, make sure to check out the second part of this entry right here.

And that is all! Next week I will be sharing a few tips and tricks to improve your daily life. Nothing fancy, nothing to buy, just a tiny bit change of habits that will bring significant positive consequences in your life. This and more, next week!


Much Love & Light.

Lots of blessings and abundance your way!

Rev. Fernando Albert

thank you

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