Got Monotony (Part 2) Make minor changes in your life to decrease your monotony!

Hello everybody! Here we are one more week, and we continue talking about monotony. As I said in last week’s entry, there are ways to reduce the monotony of our life and this way, feel more freedom.

One of the ways we add monotony is by being hyper-connected to the network, in such a way that many people never get out of it. This is thanks to the smartphones. It is easy to change little by little, it is not necessary to throw away the cell phone, but to release it from time to time! Connect with your own spirituality, with yourself.

How to regain control and find passion?

There are many aspects in life that we may not be able to change, since we have set up a very monotonous society, of “doing the same thing every day,” and many people know no other life than that. However, there are several things we can do to give it some color (and variety) to our days:

  • The first and last thing you do in the day matters, a lot. These are the moments where we can vary our life a little. Most people first and the last thing they do in the day is to look at their phone. I am sure that the clear majority of you have the mobile on the bedside table or near your bed (you cannot imagine how bad this is at the level of physical health … the radiation they emit is very real, and we do not take it into account … but this is another issue). Many people check the phone just before they close their eyes to answer messages, look at social networks or even look for things about work. All this, night after night in an endless circle. It is a time of day that many people enjoy, but it is proven that this issue contributes to insomnia, depression, and anxiety. Doing this fills us with the consciousness of so much unnecessary information that our brain has to process while we sleep, affecting deep rest. All this negatively influences the dreams, and if you seek to dream lucidly, to use the mobile before sleeping will change you even more. This brings us a monotony at night, and little by little drains us. It is best, at least some nights, to avoid using the phone before bed. Take advantage of that time to do other appropriate activities. This also applies as soon as you get up. It is not necessary to wake up and look at your phone first. It takes time for your consciousness and brain to adjust, and if in the morning, with your eyes still half open, you fill your awareness of stimuli, you will charge your mind from the beginning. You will notice that the days pass slower and it costs you more to complete the days. When you wake up, sometimes you can use that time for a longer shower, or to stay a little longer in bed or to have breakfast more quietly. The cell phone can wait. Although it seems small, it gives you much more game and your conscience will appreciate it much more. And, at the same time, you are reducing a monotony that you had before, every morning and night.

  • Do not program things that do not need to be programmed. We live too connected with linear time, and in many ways this society forces us. We have no choice but to follow that path if we want to function in this crazy society. Without realizing it, sometimes we take this to the extreme, and we set a schedule for things like for example, hanging out with a friend, going for a walk in the park or having sex with your partner. Yes, it is true that in some cases it is necessary to “set a schedule” because we are not able to find time to devote to those activities. This should only be at the beginning since leisure has more significant effects on us when it is not on a schedule. This does not mean that planning things is wrong, sometimes it is necessary, but what gives us more monotony is to have such recurring plans. Make plans with your friends for this Thursday, or plan to have dinner with your partner on a Monday night, or even look for any day to spend the morning in the park with your dog… but do not make plans for the next 20 Saturdays with that same person. You do not have to take your partner to dinner every Monday (you can go other days, try new things, go to lunch sometime, etc…) And sure, your dog will enjoy all the visits to the park, because they live in the now and enjoy every moment to the maximum without thinking about tomorrow. For the chores, we have no options, but for leisure… plan as your life unfolds, and reduce monotony.

Powerful meditations and times of silence are crucial.

  • Find times of silence and meditation or reflection. Today it seems that to remain silent is very difficult in this society. I’m sure that of most of you reading this have some level of connection on this subject, but the “average Joe” probably does not take this into account. We all spend hours and hours a day in front of screens (computer, television, tablets, and phone), and these hours multiply at an alarming pace. There are many “dead times” in the day that we can take advantage of, instead of taking out your phone, give our brain a rest and remain silent. It sounds like “a lot of bull,” but after a few days, you have been able to relax your mind for hours (in fractions of 5-15 minutes). After only a couple of weeks, you will notice the mental, personal, professional and spiritual benefits. These “dead” times can be used to “listen to your mind” because when the mind relaxes, it is when the best ideas come. In fact, many of these blog entries have happened to me during these times.

You can take advantage of my previous advice and do them both at the same time. For example, turn off the TV 30 minutes before going to bed, say goodbye to your phone until the following day and stay silent for a few minutes, e.g., in bed, on the sofa or where you are comfortable (but be careful not to fall asleep).

In a short time, you will start to see solutions to your problems, and you will even have many new ideas. I do it almost every night, and I recommend it.

As you can see, these are just some of the changes you can make to reduce monotony. If you learn to analyze yourself with a critical and sincere eye, you will grow a lot as a person, and those around you will appreciate it.

When was the last time you were more than 20 minutes in complete silence, but enjoying the moment? I invite you to share it 🙂 See you in a week!


Much Love & Light.

Lots of blessings and abundance your way!

Rev. Fernando Albert

thank you

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