Balance and Heal your Chakras in 7 easy exercises.

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Good day to all! How did those dates with your minds go? I am sure that after only a week, you have had some interesting ideas. Or at least, you have spent some good times talking to yourselves. I am sure you have learned or realized many things about yourselves. Well, this week I will give you other simple exercises, but this time they are for your chakras. A few weeks ago, I told you about the solar plexus and gave you an exercise to clean it. If you have missed it, you can read it here. Today I am going to share with you a fast, but powerful, exercise for each of the chakras.

How to heal the chakras

As you all know, the Chakras are energetic centers. Our hearts pump blood and the main Chakras “pump” the energy through our whole body. They send that energy to all the other chakras that we have distributed around the body. In other words, if we want to have good energetic health, we need to have our seven main chakras healed and balanced. Otherwise, there will be energy blockages that will reduce overall health.


I am going to get to the point and talk about the exercises. You want to do them at least a couple of times a week. But some of them, like the Solar Plexus or the Heart ones, you want to do them per need. Therefore, it is best that you familiarize yourself with these exercises, so you can use them when you need them:
Root chakra empowering exercise.
To empower your root chakra, visualize a golden root that comes from the Earth and attaches to your tailbone area. Imagine that this golden root starts to send you golden energy that comes straight from Mother Earth consciousness. Imagine this energy going all the way up from your root chakra to your crown chakra. This Earth energy will flow through your entire body, connecting you more to your physical body and Earth. This will keep your root chakra open and healed.
Navel chakra empowering exercise.
While the Root Chakra exercise above will also benefit your Navel Chakra greatly, some attention in here will also help. First of all, focusing on your navel area, I want you to feel successful. Try as hard as you can here, as this is the chakra or personal success, abundance, and sexuality. Focus on positive, successful events that occurred in your life (especially financial, professional and sexual achievements.) If you are enhancing your sexual energy, make sure you focus on the sexual energy itself (fulfilling whatever desires you have) and not on love (this will be for your heart chakra.) If you are unable to find or connect with a specific success of yours, visualize (makeup) one instead and feel it with your entire soul.
Solar plexus cleansing exercise.
A great exercise that I want to share with you is for you to imagine that you have a faucet attached in your lower back (the back of your Solar Plexus Chakra.) When you take a shower (take an actual shower) imagine that you open this faucet and imagine that muddy water comes out of this tap. You know, like gross water, smelly and dirty. Visualize this water going down the drain and getting washed away. Set the intent for this water to be all the negativity that does not belong to you. Imagine that this water is about everything you need to release, other people, negative experiences, negative feelings, stress, karma, etc.… Keep this visualization for a few minutes, and you will realize how much it will relieve you, it is a fantastic exercise that I practice.
Heart chakra protection exercise.
Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Imagine that for each breathing, a beam of white light enters your nose, goes all the way down to your lungs and illuminates your entire body. After a few times, imagine your body is all made out of white light and believe that you are inside a bubble of white light. Imagine and visualize than only positive energies will be able to blend with yours, and also manifest that you will not allow your energy to flow away from you unless it serves your highest purpose. Keep this visualization for about five minutes and say thanks to the universe for this protection.
Throat chakra empowerment exercise.
To empower your throat chakra, you want to focus on your throat area, and you want to visualize a door opening in here. The color of the door is going to be blue. Once you can imagine this door, you want to focus on having a positive level of communication whatever you need to express. You also want to visualize yourself being able to share all your feelings, ideas, and thoughts; you want to imagine your words reaching out to those who are listening to you. If you need to do something more specific regarding using your voice (public speaking, singing, etc.,) focus on the success as you realize you can express your thoughts and ideas with remarkable clarity.
Third Eye chakra empowerment exercise.
Your third eye can be your best friend. While it is possible one of the “most interesting” chakras out there, or the one people desire to develop the most, it is often ignored. To empower your third eye, you want to start listening and developing your intuition. Ask yourself small YES/NO questions and feel what type of answer do you get. See how it resonates. Trust your intuition; when we are connected with our intuition, our intuition never bails on us, it will always be a reliable source. There are many visualization exercises, but meditation works excellent, and you are getting a free short copy here, that will benefit your chakras.
Crown chakra empowerment exercise.
Meditation is key here, as well as mindfulness. You can also invite your Spirit Guides to empower and open further your Crown. Meditation also works wonders here, since you will be channeling all your energy from your Crown Chakra. Even of this, having the other chakras balanced will empower your Crown chakra as well, so working on all the chakras is a must and will provide significant benefits at an energetic as well as at a physical level, thus empowering your whole life.

Experience a powerful chakra meditation:

You must try out a powerful chakra cleansing meditation. Check out more click the image below:


And that’s all! I wanted to get to the point this week, and you already have the exercises. So, we have reached the end! Next week, I’m going to give you another powerful exercise. Another that I do per need and has helped me change my life too much better. This exercise goes a little beyond the Law of Attraction and works with great certainty, to the point of even surprising myself. So, you cannot miss it!


Much Love & Light.

Lots of blessings and abundance your way!

Rev. Fernando Albert

thank you

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