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As I shared in last month’s post, this month was also going to have a late first Wednesday, and since It is almost March and next Wednesday will be the 7th already, I prepared the forecast and it online and available. You can find it on Youtube clicking here.

Is sleep paralysis an astral projection?

This is one of the many questions I have been asked, and like this one, many more! So, for this week, I am sharing more of a video blog post about astral projection.  I will briefly address the answers here as well, but I recommend you to scroll to the video:

The Astral Projection course is a huge success, and I want to give big thanks to all of you for that. I have been doing some work at Quora, and I have decided to collect several questions from the Quora site, and I am addressing it through this video. In fact, this video is a bonus course in my Astral Projection course, but I wanted to share this one in the open with all of you!

I want to also give you the head ups to check out this free astral projection guide, where you can find a ton of information about this great way of travel!

These are the questions we are touch-basing on:

  1. What are the benefits of astral projection?
  2. Is sleep paralysis astral projection?
  3. What are the differences between Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming? (I share this in detail and writing right here.)
  4. Is Astral Projection Scary?
  5. Do you experience ego death during astral projection? (I share this in detail and writing at Quora right here.)
  6. What is an easy to Astral Project fast?
  7. Can you get lost on the Astral Plane?
  8. Can you meet someone who is also Astral Projecting?
  9. Can you spy on someone or somewhere?
  10. How can you see in Astral Projection?

So, here comes the video:

Did you enjoy it? You can check out some more stuff about astral projection, bilocation and more right here.

There is always a lot of astral projection, and I plan to create more of these in the future. I invite you to email me if you have any additional questions. Do not forget that you can join my Astral Projection Course, check it out right here.

So, as I said at the beginning of this article, next week it is time for March’s Forecast, (since tomorrow is the first, I did upload it already. You can find it on Youtube clicking here. Next week, it will post here! See you next Wednesday!


Much Love & Light.

I invite you to check last year’s post clicking here!

Lots of blessings and abundance your way!

Rev. Fernando Albert

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