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Welcome to my Guided Meditations site. I have been devoting myself for a few years to host guided meditations in small venues. Friends, family and many clients have been telling me for years that my voice is calming and soothing. Time ago, a friend, Shaman and vocalist really encouraged me to use my voice to induce meditation and this is how I got started.

I have created this website where you can find all my meditations. Visit this site often, as I am creating new guided meditations every month. You can get a brief short free guided meditation click here for you to give a small test-drive to my work. I am a Psychic Medium and I have channeled all the scripts that you will be following on one of these meditations. The reason of this is to maximize your meditation experience and get the best results out from each session.

For a further and deeper profound experience, all these guided meditations are blended with Theta brainwaves (binaural beats.) Theta waves occur naturally in your brain during deep relaxation and the physical body starts to work on self-healing. This adds a huge amount of healing powers to these guided meditations. All of these are blended with a gentle waterfall background noise. You won´t hear the brainwaves, but your consciousness will.

Keep in mind, that you do have the option to add your own subliminal (with your voice or mine, they will be silent anyway.) You can opt out for them altogether if you prefer as well as opting out for the Theta brainwaves (not recommended.) You can also change the background sound if you desire. I have a few different royalty free options in stock or you can use your own background noise, or not at all. Please, do contact me if you are interested in making some of these changes. For a low fee, I can make these changes for you.

Don´t wait longer and check out my guided meditations here. Feel free to check out my courses as well. I have been teaching Psychic Development, Reiki, Lucid Dreaming and Astral projection since 2011 and I am slowly releasing these courses in PDF, Voice or even Video format.


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